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Industry veterans unite for major enterprise

A main sponsor at the Willwork, Inc. and Exhibit City News event, on the second evening of EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas, Circle TPR (Talent, Production and Reach) is an all-encompassing enterprise featuring senior partners who are giving the word “exhibit” new meaning, according to its CEO.

The new company is making its presence known during after-show festivities while illustrating the hospitality talents of Circle business partners who also specialize in design, live events, production and fabrication, talent management, broadcasting and consulting.

ECN 032014_NTL_Industry veterans unite for major enterprise_logoAfter knowing each other for more than a decade, the business partners created Circle, which launched Dec. 1, 2013.

“We’re bringing the band back together. We all missed the culture and environment of a team. This isn’t about nostalgia; this is a business decision,” said Shawn Garrity, CEO, Circle TPR.

Aside from Garrity, other Circle partners include JD Wiggin, founding partner and senior vice president of client services; Michael Visconti, chief operating officer; Jeff Wallner, senior vice president of sports and entertainment; Tiffany Dahlen-Garrity, senior vice president and account director; Mike Hopper, senior vice president of media development; Robert Hantman, chief counsel; Stacey Bovero Price, senior vice president of digital strategies and brand integration; Wren Malone, vice president of content development and media strategy; Julie Corona, director of sports personnel; Payton Garrity, consumer influencer; and Gerard Azoulay, senior vice president of integrated media technology and entertainment.

Circle also brought on Frank Marino as a national account director and Bruce Kerner as chief financial officer.

On Jan. 20, Circle partnered with S[+]UDIOS, also known as PLUS Studios, which purchased Elements Exhibits on Nov. 25, 2013.

“PLUS Studios will provide production and logistics services for Circle. We will provide PLUS Studios with the creative support and execution of a traditional agency, such as live event production and branding,” said Garrity.

Founding Circle reunited Garrity with individuals he previously worked with at MC2 (MC squared). A former account executive at MC2, Matt Naert now owns PLUS Studios. JD Wiggin, Gerard Azoulay and Frank Marino are also MC2 alumni.

At MC2, Garrity served as co-founder and division president, with Wiggin and Azoulay as vice presidents. Marino was an executive consultant.

“If you look at our senior partners, there’s room for anything to happen. We can come in with diverse ideas given the people who are on board,” said Garrity.

Circle was founded with a different business model than some other companies in the tradeshow industry.

“It’s not like the MC2 business model, where you may see 50 people,” he said. “It’s about the type of talent we can bring in and working with great partners [outside the company].”

Circle’s senior partners each brought to the table several proven case studies from their previous work, which has already secured them clients. The company provided a luxury hospitality experience for clients involved in the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

“Hospitality is a big aspect of the business. We handle destination management – procure all the suites and tickets, food and beverage, and book transportation,” Garrity explained.

For sporting apparel client, Wreckless Lacrosse Apparel Group, Circle is implementing design-build, sports marketing, retail design and planning.

Extending its reach across the U.S., the company opened offices in Las Vegas; Miami; San Francisco; Greenwich, N.Y.; and New York City, where Garrity is based. Circle also has an 8,000 square-feet warehouse and office space in Chicago. These facilities will serve as functional work spaces and highlight specializations within the company.

To learn more about Circle TPR, visit www.circletpr.com.

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