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Lee-Ali-with Mike Pye
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Lee Ali & Mike Pye Launch E5 Interactive

Lee Ali (pictured left), MD at Expo Stars, a global exhibition engagement company, and Mike Pye (pictured right), MD of marketing consultancy Mike Pye + Co., have launched E5 Interactive, a new assessment-based marketing and technology company to help service-based and consultancy businesses streamline their business development by generating better qualified sales leads, including during virtual events and face-to-face tradeshows and exhibitions.

Lee Ali and Mike Pye E5 InteractiveBased on five core factors of successful sales and marketing campaigns—end game, emotion, empathy, education and energy—E5 Interactive develops a bespoke, interactive scorecard for each client. As well as sharing the interactive quiz with delegates during virtual or face-to-face events, businesses can also host the tool on their websites, social channels or send links directly via email marketing campaigns. Prospects answer a number of questions before receiving a personalized report. Designed to be a powerful lead magnet, the scorecard helps businesses generate and qualify valuable sales leads, as well as educate and inspire their potential customers.
Pye explains, “Over the last two decades, Lee and I have worked with an array of professional service-based businesses who struggle to differentiate their business, demonstrate their value and drive highly qualified leads. At the beginning of lockdown, we met to discuss what problems we knew service-based and consultancy businesses often faced and saw an opportunity to help them demonstrate their expertise and set themselves apart from their competitors.”
Ali adds: “Businesses often struggle to differentiate themselves in a very crowded market especially at virtual and live exhibitions. In addition to that, engaging attendees at events from the initial chat to closing the sale effectively has always been a challenge. Assessment-based marketing solves this challenge. It enables businesses to demonstrate their expertise and offer real tangible value, while helping them to learn more about their prospects. It opens the door to proactive and highly valuable conversations with potential customers who are already pre-sold and emotionally invested in the business.”

Ali has already achieved global success with his company, Expo Stars, helping clients proactively engage leads at tradeshows and live marketing events across the world for over a decade. Pye worked in marketing for 14 years, both agency and client side, before starting his own business at the end of 2015 and specializing in working with consultancy and service-based businesses, helping them differentiate and attract new leads.
For more info about E5 Interactive and the assessment-based marketing tool, E5 Evaluate, visit www.e5interactive.io.
Lee Ali is founder and managing director of the global exhibition engagement company Expo Stars, based in Manchester, U.K. Founded in 2007 to help large, international organizations get the most out of exhibitions and events, they’ve managed more than 3,000 projects, in 100+ cities across 53 countries. They have built up a worldwide network of more than 2,500 professional promotion staff trained in proactive engagement and delivering measurable results to global brands such as BMW, SEMRush and a number of pharmaceutical companies. For more info, visit www.expostars.com.
Mike Pye is founder and managing director of based in Manchester, U.K.-based Mike Pye + Co., “an elite team of marketers who become part of your team, helping you to exceed your objectives.” They’re “selective about the clients we work with, choosing brands we believe in and projects that excite us where we feel we can make a real impact. We only work with a limited number of clients across six intakes per year. Why? So we can help your business realise its potential, without impacting our collaborative and intimate working relationship. We work with clients who want an exclusive, specialist service.” For more info, visit www.mikepyemarketing.com
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