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Total Testing Solutions
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LINK Tracks COVID-19 Test Results

Los Angeles-based medical diagnostic testing service, Total Testing Solutions (TTS) has debuted LINK, a new technology paving the way for safer travel and events in a post-pandemic world. LINK is a HIPAA-compliant end-to-end software solution specifically designed for businesses, hospitality groups and venues to easily track test results and vaccination records for employees and guests. The system is designed to help businesses adapt to new and evolving safety measures, rules and regulations by helping streamline the screening process before entry, perform on-site testing, and/or confirm patrons have valid negative tests or vaccine cards.

The software engineers behind LINK have worked hard to foresee the needs of events and business to neutralize newer challenges, and the program is being updated constantly to keep with up with the changing landscape. The user-friendly, open-ended software allows simple integration to deliver every user a customized experience, and it works in venues of all sizes.

TTS has already partnered with major sports teams and corporations such as Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and the San Jose Sharks who are using LINK for fan COVID-19 testing and vaccination verification. They have also partnered with Nobu and Four Seasons hospitality groups to provide guests with access to self-collection COVID-19 test kits, safe and private medically guided white glove services, and rapid testing for flu, antigens, antibodies and more. Documentation and test results obtained through LINK at these locations can provide travel clearance for both national and international travel requiring rt-PCR testing and is accepted by most airlines and destinations.

“We are proud to be helping the event and travel industries open back up safely and efficiently through our introduction of LINK,” said TTS CEO, Lauren Trenkle. “With LINK, we have proven that the power of innovative technology can be leveraged to overcome challenges that seem insurmountable.”

LINK will soon be introducing ID Checks in which individuals who upload their vaccine card system will be prompted to upload a copy of their government issued ID and a selfie for easy visual verification during check in at a venue. This feature is especially critical in high population areas such as Los Angeles County, where new mandates will require cross-referencing vaccine cards with government issued identification.

Lauren Trenkle, PA, MPH and Dr. Geoff Trenkle, created TTS to bring customized and medicine-driven solutions to COVID-19 testing for individuals, families, and businesses when shutdown restrictions threatened layoffs at their Otolaryngology (ENT) practices. They have since established three vaccination sites at Los Angeles Metro Stations, and quickly developed LINK, a technology in which companies can easily track test results and vaccination records for employees and guests. LINK is providing a solution that enables businesses, events, hotels, and the travel industry to stay on top of testing and adapt to safety measures and regulations. LINK is currently being used by large SoCal based organizations and has helped professional sports arenas and teams such as the Los Angeles Football Club and the San Jose Sharks get fans returning to events safely. It can also be used for small businesses to track vaccination safely without exposing employee personal health information. For more info, visit www.totaltestingsolutions.com.

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