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Lumenplay introduces Bluetooth SMART-controllable string lights


Like a chameleon changing colors to adapt to its environment, Lumenplay lights change color and effect to create personalized event lighting with the touch of a finger.

The Lumenplay lights give people complete control over the color and effects of their event lights by using their smartphone with Bluetooth SMART technology.

“We knew there would be an almost endless number of scenarios that people would use Lumenplay lights for,” said Chris Corrado, co-founder, Lumenplay. “As we shared the idea with people, we saw their faces light up as they thought of the unique ways they would use these lights.”

Lumenplay offers total personalization of decorative lighting displays with a swipe of a finger while providing durability and energy efficiency that is friendly to the environment and wallets. Users can choose from virtually unlimited colors and combinations. Lights can change color to go from Christmas red and green to Easter pastels or to a patriotic 4th of July display in real-time simply by moving a finger around the mobile application’s color wheel. Lumenplay lights can help set the mood for any event.

The mobile app also supports customization of color brightness, direction, speed and pattern effects, like multiball, crosswave and stack, to impress people with light displays that can change on the fly. Adding the ability to visualize music through Lumenplay lights means people can see the beat as lights sync up to the music.

Lumenplay lights use LED technology that achieves a lifespan of 20,000 hours per light. The LED is sealed in protective casing that is water-tight and impact-resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial use. The bulb covers can withstand abuse and are easily replaced for different shapes and sizes to make Lumenplay durable and customizable.

Using national averages for energy pricing, a standard incandescent 20-foot light strand plugged in for six hours a day, 90 days a year would have an energy cost of approximately $13. Comparing the same six-hour daily usage for 90 days with a Lumenplay 20-foot strand, the user could expect an annual energy cost of less than $1.

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