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Maritz Introduces First Person Experiences

Maritz Global Events is proud to announce the pilot of First Person Experiences – a new technology solution to increase a Return on Investment (ROI) for exhibitors and tradeshow organizers through a unique 3D, immersive experience. In its pilot phase, attendees at Expo! Expo! got a “sneak peek” of the new technology in the Maritz Global Events booth.

This new technology solution from Maritz Global Events extends the value of a live event, increases audience reach and creates incremental revenue for exhibitors through a digital replica of a tradeshow, product launch or other event experience.

“Show organizers and event planners have been struggling for years on how to increase exhibitor ROI and also provide a return on investment for their events,” said Aaron Dorsey, vice president of product management, Maritz Global Events. “First Person Experiences helps both exhibitors and show organizers take the significant investment made in their booth and show floors and extend it long after the event ends through a unique 3D, immersive experience.”

By digitally capturing the live, physical tradeshow including exhibition space, booth tables and theater experiencesMaritz Global Events creates a digital, 3D environment replica of the entire event that can be accessed anytime through the show organizer’s website. The tradeshow or booth can be “relaunched” following the live event allowing attendees to virtually “walk the floor,” interact with exhibitors and content, and do business live and in real-time.

During the pandemic, Maritz Global Events developed many innovative technology solutions to ensure the company continued to serve its clients in the tradeshow, association, corporate and live events markets.

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