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Each tile measures 500-by-500mm (just under 20 inches square). The product is available in either matte or glossy finish.

Marvelpress LLC executives announced in June the debut of Promofloor.com, a service providing customized high quality vinyl floors to the tradeshow and corporate event industries.  According to the company’s executives, the service is the only one of its kind offering a high quality durable product suitable for either temporary or permanent installation.

“This is a true breakthrough,” said Paul Hirst, Marvelpress’ managing director. “In my entire experience in the digital decoration industry, no one has ever produced a luxury vinyl flooring capable of taking high resolution digital image. Until now.”

Most other digitally printed vinyl floor products are designed for short term use, and cannot stand up to the rigors of a commercial or light industrial setting. These other methods, like direct print to vinyl, produce wonderful graphics, but are not intended for flooring and perform poorly.

Promofloor.com uses Marvelpress’ Sketcha FloorTM, a luxury vinyl floor tile specifically engineered to apply high quality digital decoration flooring material suitable for commercial use.  Each tile measures 500-by-500mm (just under 20 inches square), and is constructed of three layers for comfort, durability and image quality. The product is available in either matte or glossy finish.

Image quality with Sketcha Floor includes a full color gamut and extraordinary resolution.  High resolution photographs, vector images and all types of digital art can all be imaged onto floors in dimensions ranging from hundreds to thousands of square feet using Promofloor.com’s specialized mosaic software.

“This is truly the next generation flooring solution for trade show, corporate event and retail point of sale markets,” said George Scarvelis, Marvelpress’ North American managing director.

According to Scarvelis, other digital print to vinyl solutions cannot match Sketcha Floor for durability or quality.

“They just can’t absorb the wear and tear that commercial quality flooring must be able to take,” he said. “Only Sketcha Floor combines hi-res digital quality images with product quality engineered to last for years in high traffic commercial settings.” 

Those interested in Promofloor.com can call 888-848-8748.

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