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To extend its reach to audiences everywhere, the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit organization involved in medical care, research and education, partnered with ON24, Inc., a provider of webcasting and virtual environment solutions, for its Transform symposium, being held Sept. 8-10 in Rochester, Minn.

“The technology ON24 brings is exciting because it enables strong social integration and mobile device access – and also because of the long-term implication of how it can impact the health care industry,” said Francesca Ripple, public affairs communications manager, Mayo Clinic. “By using ON24’s scalable virtual communications technology, we are able to easily expand our community globally and further spread the wealth of ideas shared by our remarkable attendees, staff and speakers for both the event and beyond.”

Transform 2013 is the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation multidisciplinary symposium focused on transforming the way health care is experienced and delivered. Topics include new models of care delivery, the uncertainty of change in the health care landscape, the intersection of business and health care innovation, and how to scale programs to large populations.

“ON24 is proud to support the work of the Mayo Clinic and to break down the barriers that may have kept people from participating in Transform in the past,” said Sharat Sharan, CEO, ON24. “This is the type of application for which our platform was designed – it’s ideal for large, global and engaged audiences [who] require a mobile and socially integrated experience. One of the critical components that make the Transform symposium so special is the emotional connection attendees have with each other and with the content. Our challenge is to bring that to life in an interactive online environment. We want to fully engage virtual attendees so that they walk away with the same sense of purpose as those who attend in person.”

To engage the Mayo Clinic community before, during and after the conference, the webcast will be integrated with Mayo Clinic social channels. ON24’s webcasting technology will allow remote attendees to not only attend keynote speeches but also to interact in an online networking lounge where they will have the ability to connect with other virtual attendees and to interact with high-profile speakers.

Speakers include Maria Bartiromo of CNBC, Tim Brown of IDEO, Daniel Lamarre of Cirque du Soleil and many of Mayo Clinic’s own doctors and researchers; this year’s event will feature transformative ideas from some of the most innovative thinkers in the world.

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