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Medibio to Present LUCA at CES

Health technology and wearables have had a major presence at CES the last few years and with mental health at the forefront of conversations, Medibio is presenting LUCA at the show.

Medibio is the company behind the mental-health app LUCA, which puts more than 20 years of research on the connection between physiological biomarkers and mental well-being into smartwatches and mobile devices, making stress visible so users can discover issues before they become more serious conditions.

LUCA provides wearable device (including Apple and Garmin) users with daily biometric feedback to track and monitor levels of stress in the body including:

  • Sleep stress: LUCA monitors sleep using data collected by your wearable device and calculates a score once a day. Registering a low sleep score indicates you are not getting quality sleep and should try adjusting your schedule or routine.
  • Cardiac stress: A higher cardiac score indicates you are achieving a healthy heart rate and using energy above sedentary levels on a more frequent basis. Increased cardiac scores are associated with a healthy lifestyle including an appropriate heart rate during physical activity and increased energy use.
  • Activity stress: A higher activity score indicates you are achieving an increased intensity and duration of daily and weekly activity. Increased cardiac scores are associated with a healthy lifestyle including on a daily, weekly and ongoing basis.

Medibio is a mental health technology company pioneering the use of objective measures to aid in the early detection and screening of mental health conditions. The company offers mental well-being solutions for businesses through their Corporate Health product and are developing products to serve the healthcare provider market and consumers. For more info, visit medibio.com.

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