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Memorable Experiences – By Calanit Atia

DSCF2979 (1024x768)Lady Ga Ga owned the stage during half time at the Big Game. The audience felt the energy explode in the stadium.

One person lived it. Brockett, her lead keyboardist played his one-of-a-kind round piano with 294 keys. “When I walked up the stairs on to that stage it was surreal,” he told Exhibit City News. “Nothing in the world can match the high of that adrenaline rush. After it was over, the five of us in the band walked across the street to our dressing room and just sat in silence totally awed by the situation. I didn’t want to see or speak to anyone else for a little while. Only my fellow bandmates could understand what it felt like to play your instrument your whole life and finally achieve the unthinkable, supporting one of the greatest performers of our generation in front of over 100 million people. We were brothers bonded together in a moment in time that will last forever. It was beautiful.” This amazing musician can now be booked through

Eating in a restaurant today is not only about the quality and preparation; it is about the experience. It is the feeling you get when you walk in, get seated, served each course and take the first bite. Food should awaken all your senses. We eat with our eyes, smell and our emotions. It all ties in together to a good or bad dining experience.

DSCF3011Caesars Entertainment does an amazing job elevating dining to the next level; they are all about the experience. It begins with walking through the English tunnel to Gordon Ramsay Steak, or a chandelier dropping down and entertaining the guests at Mr. Chow. The eye-catching entrance to Gordon Ramsay Steak was inspired by The Chunnel; the tunnel between London and Paris. The light fixture of the chandelier is neon and based off of hand movements preparing Beef Wellington (see photo at top).

The smallest touches to the biggest gestures can make a dining experience memorable.

At Gordon Ramsay Steak, I enjoyed the most delicious savory drink that came with a sphere ice. The Scotch egg took me to me back to my childhood. That appetizer brought back so many wonderful memories; I had to ask for seconds. The steak was cooked to perfection. I am true Israeli so I like my meat cooked but not charcoal burned on the outside. At the end of the meal, the coffee was served with three different kinds of spoons with liquor in them (at left). What a special way to end a meal!

Mr Chow Noodle Pull 3Mr. Chow’s food presentation and taste was definitely 5-Star. Ordering a cocktail off the champagne cart is a wonderful touch. Mr. Chow serves Beijing cuisine dining with European style service. The menu featured Chicken Satay, Green Prawns, hand-pulled Mr. Chow Noodles (at right) and its signature dish, Beijing Duck.

The duck was carved at our table and done to perfection. It was moist and full of flavor. Noodles preparation presentation was entertaining. The round room added to the friendly vibe and the service was outstanding. I felt like I had been served by a friend who wanted me to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Patti Shock, a trade show icon, taught me when I took her class at the University of Nevada Las Vegas that people will remember the coffee at the end of the meal and will make judgment over the entire meal. If the coffee is good, they will return. I could not stop raving to people about the coffee experience I had and I know I want to come back.

Calanit Atia is founder/president of A to Z Events, one of Las Vegas’ premier destination management companies/entertainment agencies (, an award winning event planner, Las Vegas ambassador, Air Force veteran, social media maven, columnist and speaker. She can be contacted at , , , ,

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