July 13, 2024 8:50 PM
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NAMM Photo Poll: Why do you enjoy your job?

Exhibit City News visited the National Association of Music Merchant’s (NAMM) show floor during set up to ask a variety of individuals why they enjoy their jobs.

kimnammKim Merkin
Director of West Coast Sales

“What keeps me coming back after 20 years is the diversity of customers, products and shows. In one month I will have attended four very different shows: CES (consumer electronics), NAMM (music merchants), Outdoor Retailer, and a medical-related event.

joshnammJosh Rush
Account Executive
Echelon Design Inc

“What I like about my job with Echelon, with this industry, is the variety of experiences and the challenges and opportunities it affords you for going after new business and building sales. Also, the chance to work in a very creative environment where we are trying to take client challenges and create a design, then being able to go onsite, rolling up our sleeves, and seeing our designs on paper become real. Kinda like show business.”

bobnammBob Wilcox
Octane Group, Inc

“I like to travel and meet new people and as an Octane Group installer I get to do just that. Octane Group makes it easy to enjoy my work, as it is a professional, well-organized company. And I like that each job (show/exhibit) is different and unique.”

ericnammEric Bostelman
Onsite Sign Maker

“After 18 years, I still like the variety because every show and job is different. I am a musician so I really like the NAMM show, because I get to see so many of my music friends from around the world.”

carlnammCarl Bowken
Exhibit Plant and Floral

“I have been doing this for more than 20 years and I am still enjoying the beauty and creativity they add to an exhibit and the pleasure customers get from the plants. We placed about 200 plants for NAMM this year.”

kristinanammKristina Hodgson
Senior Channel Marketing Specialist

“What I like about my job (doing tradeshows) is that I get to meet and deal with so many different people that I don’t meet ordinarily: engineering, customer service, research and development staff, and customers.”

davidnammDavid Surber
Sales Manager
Getzen (brass wind instruments)

I like attending shows as part of my job because it gives me the chance to get face-to-face with dealers.  Also, it gives Getzen a chance to show all of its products at once since we don’t have the manpower to carry all of our products from dealer to dealer. That’s why tradeshows are so great for business.”

dougnammDoug Bryant
City Manager
Zenith Labornet

“What I like best about my job is the variety and energy of the show floor and pulling together a team that works well together to make it happen, to make clients happy.”

debnammDebbie Lovett

“I love my job. Where can you find a job where you can work when and where you want, and as long as you want, and still make a great living?”

Aleta Walther is a Southern California-based marketing communications professional and freelance writer with several years experience as a corporate exhibit manager.

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