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EACA Buyers GuideThe Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association is announcing the unveiling of the new Exhibition Industry Buyer’s Guide.

The Exhibition Industry Buyer’s Guide, which has been a part of the EACA web site since 2014, will see dramatic improvement under the new version introduced on April 3.

Integration with EAC Registration

The new Exhibition Industry Buyer’s Guide will now be integrated with our own EAC Registration system which will create even more value for EACA members and Buyer’s Guide advertisers.

The EACA web site routinely receives more than 12,500 exhibitor visitors per month who come to our site to identify which EAC companies they are using to service their booth at EAC Registration client shows.

The EACA will now be putting even more information at the fingertips of these exhibitors who are looking to identify prospective service providers for their exhibits.

New Buyer’s Guide Team

The team that is working on the New Buyer’s guide and making this integration posslble comes from the develpers of our EAC Registration system at EACSpaces.com.

We are making this transition to allow us to provide more seamless value to our members and your exhibitor clients.

EACspaces representatives,  Mike Olarrea and Anne-Marie Daggett, will be reaching out to current Buyers Guide advertisers, and EACA members, starting in April to introduce you to the new features and advertising opportunities on the Guide

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