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New Moss SimPullTab gets rid of unsightly SEG fabric tabs and hassles

Until now, applying silicon-edge graphics (SEG) on extrusion exhibit systems typically meant having unsightly fabric pull-tabs visible, but many exhibitors chose to cut them off – which created other difficulties when trying to remove the graphics.

The new SimPullTab fits easily and snugly into extrusions.

Fortunately, a new product by Moss Inc. replaces the unsightly tab, so SEGs can be inserted and removed easily while protecting the graphics for future use. Instead of using fabric tabs to place the graphics on extrusion-based exhibits, the SimPullTab simplifies the process by using a sewn-in gasket that simply slides into a groove-style extrusion where it cannot be seen.

“It’s a fun little innovation we’ve developed,” said Sarah Browning, director of product management, Moss. “You don’t have to cut it off, and it’s very strong.”

No unsightly tabs are in sight with the new SimPullTab.

SEGs typically are used on tension-fabric backgrounds. Applying them meant putting up with annoying fabric tabs used to apply the graphic. But many exhibitors chose to remove them. Doing so improved the appearance while exhibiting but made it much more difficult to remove the graphic. Many times, the graphic would be damaged while trying to remove it.

SimPullTab simply slides into the grooved extrusion and slides back out, making it quick and easy to remove so that the graphic remains intact and can be used again in future.

“It saves time and looks better,” said Browning. “It’s a little clear plastic tab you don’t see.”

Exhibitors difficulties with fabric tabs on their SEG graphics.

The genesis of the SimPullTab came when Moss employees noticed the difficulty exhibitors had with fabric tabs on their SEG graphics. Moss’ research-and-development team went to work to come up with a better way of installing and removing the graphics.

“We just saw the frustration of people using SEG graphics,” said Browning. “The bottom line is, we love our customers and came up with a solution. Our R&D department always has new ideas in the hopper. We had fun with it.”

With the hassle removed instead of fabric tabs when using SEG graphics, Browning is confident exhibitors also will have fun with the SimPullTab.

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