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Certain Inc., a provider of SaaS technology solutions for the global meetings and events industry, has announced Match2Connect, an appointment matching component of the Certain technology platform that facilitates interaction, connection and relationships through pre-scheduled, one-to-one meetings at events.

Match2Connect is fully integrated into the Certain SaaS platform and is an algorithm-based engine that works from preferences chosen by participants before an event.  Optimal appointments schedules are generated for both parties automatically by the system.  Schedules may be reviewed and edited by event organizers and matches may be prioritized for VIPs, sponsors or other designates.

Match2Connect caters to corporate marketers, planners or event producers desiring to deepen connections and conversations at events with the addition of one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings.  The product is ideal for a number of event scenarios, including large tradeshows and expos, networking events, hosted buyer events, recruiting programs/career fairs, investor “speed dating,” user groups and more.

“With over 80 percent of events being produced for the B2B market, it is critical that executive sponsors and event organizers are able to maximize the value of time and money spent on every event,” said Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain Inc.

Unlike individual appointment scheduling tools that offer few event management features, or appointment request and spreadsheet-based manual matching, which is inefficient and labor intensive, Match2Connect provides a logic-based registration system, full brand control, email, planning and collaboration, and appointment matching delivered via mobile in a complete platform. With Match2Connect, users can configure a system to meet their particular event needs with the ability to set specific preferences around appointments, leverage custom questions that can be used as filters to narrow down the pool, and then choose blocks of time available for appointments.

“Match2Connect fuels productivity and event value because instead of depending on chance encounters or networking, participants’ travel to an event with a known list of who, where and when they’re going to meet with contacts,” said Micciche. “This facilitates preparation for a meeting and a deeper, more meaningful exchange.  When that event is evaluated and measured for results, those one-to-one meetings often rate highest in terms of engagement, lead generation and direct connection with decision makers.”

Specific features of Match2Connect include:

• Configurable appointment settings: Event organizers can configure the number and length of pre-scheduled appointments for their event.  They can also choose which attendee types can meet with one another, designate the quantity of preferences and add filters.  Custom questions answered during the registration process may also be leveraged to group and filter participants for preference setting.

• Drag and drop preferences ranking: With Match2Connect, participants can leverage a branded event site to choose, filter and rank appointment preferences for pre-scheduled meetings.  Participants can search for a specific name or organization and view attendee profiles, and then use drag and drop to place them in order by preference.  Those preferences of participants are then matched by the engine based on thousands of potential combinations of mutual choice.

• Mobile appointment schedule/diary delivery: Schedules of appointments are integrated into a participant’s general agenda detail and delivered via Certain mobile and email, or may be downloaded into Microsoft Outlook.  The option of plain text emails and Adobe Acrobat PDFs for printed, onsite delivery ensures that all participants receive their agendas.

• Open platform: The functionality, extensibility and security of the Certain SaaS platform, a robust API, plus a thriving ecosystem, allow meeting organizers to pass data seamlessly between Certain and a myriad of complementary marketing, CRM and analytics applications.

Match2Connect will be generally available July 2, 2012, and offered as a tiered add-on to the Certain Pro or Enterprise event technology packages.

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