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New Virtual Experience Lab Launches from Bray Leino Events

Award-winning live events agency, Bray Leino Events, announces the launch of its new Virtual Experience Lab. VX Lab offers an innovative, immersive and interactive way for brands to engage with audiences through a fully adaptable and bespoke virtual space.

The events industry has been quick to pivot away from in-person gatherings, but the saturation of virtual events has led to brands looking for new ways to engage with their audiences, as research has shown only 11% of event professionals feel they were able to exceed the success of their physical events.

The VX Lab has been developed as an additional tool for brands looking to bolster their events, website, staff training or product demos. It allows for discovery and exploration of a brand or product, providing a truly engaging user experience and elevating a live, virtual or hybrid event with an additional layer of interactivity.

Why VX Lab?

  • A new offering for brands: This experience can be customized to almost any configuration, meaning brands can build whatever environment they feel will deliver a real competitive advantage, whether that is creating a wow-factor when showcasing new products, simulating a factory tour for those who are geographically out-of-reach, providing a glimpse into the future of an organization or boosting the impact of their multimedia content.
  • A unique experience for users: VX Lab sends users on a personalized journey of discovery, learning about products and services that are relevant to their needs in a way that suits them. VX Lab enables interaction with a virtual environment in a uniquely personal way.
  • Actionable insights for marketers: VX Lab provides full trackability of engagement, offering new insights into how attendees engage with a brand and its content. Rather than replacing live or virtual events, VX Lab creates a longer touchpoint with audiences and can supplement events with richer content. It allows brands to capitalize on the benefits of both physical and virtual experiences, in a new way.

luke brown“Virtual events are now a known quantity and the biggest challenge in the events industry right now is making virtual stand out by increasing interactivity and impact. The VX Lab is a powerful digital storytelling solution that encourages exploration and discovery while delivering meaningful and measurable analytics. We created VX Lab to enable our clients to elevate their brands to larger and more diverse audiences. We’re excited to see brands unlock the benefits of this cutting-edge technology having received such positive feedback so far,” commented Luke Brown (pictured left), managing director of Bray Leino Events.   

anna krenkovaAnna Krenkova (pictured right), client services director at Bray Leino Events adds, “Our clients have been eagerly awaiting a return to physical events, but want to bridge the gap with virtual solutions that stand out from the rest. Our team is really enjoying discussing possibilities the VX Lab presents. There are endless bespoke options, from improving stand interactivity, a virtual factory and R&D facility tour or product demos that normally are impossible to demonstrate unless physically in person or expensive to build in situ. This is something that one of our clients, a leading energy brand, is currently exploring with us. It’s fantastic for brands who are passionate about sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint by integrating VX Lab as a global platform.”

Sustainability is now higher on the agenda than ever before, with 80% of the UK public concerned about climate change, and 30% minimizing air travel in order to reduce carbon emissions. VX Lab offers brands that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint and provide an opportunity to engage with a global audience while reducing the waste and energy consumption usually produced by a live event. Not only this, but it enables brands to become more inclusive with their offering, by creating rich and imaginative experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone, including those normally unable to attend events in person.

Bray Leno Events has been creating world-class live experiences for more than 30 years. Everyone at Bray Leino Events is passionate about the power of live. They revel in telling their clients’ stories whether in-person or virtual, at a summit or exhibition, as part of a brand activation or awards celebration. The company is international and growing with more than 300 event and digital specialists in eight locations across the UK, Singapore, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Chicago. The organization has the best people, in-house, who work with clients as an extension of their team to imagine and deliver serious impact, measurable ROI and some big and mighty wow. For more info, visit www.brayleinoevents.com.

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