JUICEWORKS Exhibits and PredictMedix Inc. develop innovative safe entry solutions
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On the Front Lines of COVID-19: Dex Exhibit Systems, GCCC, JUICEWORKS Exhibits & PredictMedix

(Pictured: JUICEWORKS Exhibits has partnered with PredictMedix Inc. to develop a series of innovative safe-entry solutions)

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention and, not to mix metaphors, from adversity often comes strength. In the case of a tradeshow and event industry navigating its way through a global pandemic, both these idioms are more apt than ever. Rarely a day passes without news of some inspired new idea, encouraging development, or socially conscious act bubbling to the surface. These are just some of the latest developments.

In Indiana, Dex Exhibit Systems is taking a mindful approach to the state of the industry by designing solutions that support the needs of today while anticipating the environment of the show floor of tomorrow.

“The pause has provided an opportunity for us to reflect on how we do business,” comments Tim Searle, sales and product design, “and how to develop solutions that work with that new landscape.”

“A lot of companies have been buying beMatrix components to support medical demands or social distancing,” he continues, “so we designed a modular deck system that works with beMatrix or Aluvision walls. So, if you already own the wall systems, and you want something that is two story, and costume modular, they just add on like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Safe-Passage-DexThe product is a two-story system called Metridex (pictured left). Using the base technology employed on Dex’s existing exhibit systems, the adjustable modular structures can be any shape, any size. And due to its intentional traffic flow patterns, visitors can enter, inspect, and exit the space without coming into unsafe contact with other users. “It isn’t rocket science,” reflects Searle, “but a quick idea on how you can maintain social distancing on your exhibit. A simple but effective solution.”

The Greater Columbus Convention Center South has announced that its Café & Marketplace merchants are beginning to reopen, with a new merchant set to be added to the existing unit. However, not all is entirely rosy in Arch City. Despite fears to the contrary, Ohio’s hospitals have not been overrun by the pandemic, and the $5 million field hospital set up inside the GCCC has gone unused. Whether this downward trend continues as we get further into the summer and more people gather to enjoy the warm weather remains to be seen.

North of the border, celebrated Canadian fabricator, JUICEWORKS Exhibits of Mississauga, Ontario, has partnered with Toronto-based healthcare technology pioneer PredictMedix Inc., to develop a series of innovative safe-entry solutions. Designed for use by businesses, institutions, schools and venues of all shapes and sizes, the product combines JUICEWORKS design with the science-led AI of PredictMedix to impressive effect. Users are screened by multi-spectrum cameras paired with proprietary AI that utilizes a medically-based algorithm to identify a group of COVID-19 symptoms. Using a simple green light, red light approach, individuals are safely and non-invasively screened in seconds.

The firm has also developed secure units for containment purposes, namely individual spaces where medical testing can be carried-out in isolation within a walled, rather than tented, environment. And like everything we’ve been seeing in the industry, the motivation behind this project was one of community.

“Whether it’s visiting a loved one in a care home, going to work or shopping for groceries,” says Jonathan Auger, president, “we know that peace of mind is key.”

Upcoming stories in this series will feature companies and individuals who have risen to the occasion to build temporary medical facilities, masks and whatever is needed during the current crisis. If your company is going above and beyond to assist in this fight, please email us at newsdesk@exhibitcitynews.com and Amadeus at amadeus_finlay@hotmail.com for inclusion in future stories in this series.

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