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PeopleVisionFX: Changing signage virtually one booth at a time

EXHIBITOR2013 rolled out the red carpet on many new products this year at Mandalay Bay. Some of the new technology being utilized is a line of signage products that help exhibitors with staffing, presentation, explanation and realization.

One of the new products that garnered some attention on the show floor was introduced by PeopleVisionFX. Based in New Jersey since 1991, PeopleVisionFX presented PhotonHolosign, a hologram-type image in 3D as an interesting alternative to traditional signage that won the coveted Buyer’s Choice Award at EXHIBITOR2013.


PhotonHolosign by PeopleVisionFX

“It creates curiosity, so people slow down to take a look. It starts out with the technology, but a good salesperson will know how to explain how their product works with our product,” said Sullivant. “But it keeps people engaged and you only have 20 or 30 seconds to give them information about your booth.”

An exhibitor can have a variety of images created to meet their particular criteria – everything PeopleVisionFX does is custom in some aspect. An early incarnation of one of their products is a virtual image of the general manager of IBM giving a speech at COMDEX, a tradeshow in Las Vegas.

“This guy was a professional visionary looking at the future of computers,” said Sullivant. “Here’s this rock star of IBM standing in the booth for four or five days giving this speech. It stayed in perfect synchronization.”

PeopleVisionFX has brought numerous products to the marketplace, including PhotonHolosign, the SpokesMannequin, the Anatomical VideoSculture, the PhotonOpticon and Hydrovision to the marketplace.

“Many people think this product is a hologram, but true holograms are static,” said Wayne Sullivant, president, PeopleVisionFX. “The technology we use is a 3D video projection where the screen is sculpted and [the images are] projected onto a contoured surface.” He explained that in asking clients what they wanted out of the product, “many said they wanted a hologram similar to Princess Leah in Star Wars; in real life that is difficult.”

But not impossible.

The SpokesMannequin is a three-dimensional video that captures a person’s likeness and is projected through a combination of contoured video and a matched dimensional screen. The product allows a company to use celebrities, historical figures, animated characters or a virtual embodiment of the client.

The Anatomical Videosculpture is often used at medical conferences or as an educational tool. It is a human-shaped dimensional screen that reveals the chosen parts of the anatomy. It illustrates the action for medication or demonstrates a surgical procedure and is transparent so that the inside can be seen.

The PhotonOpticon is similar to the PhotonHolosign but, instead of specializing in signage, it brings the image of a person to life. The image of a person can be created that will engage an audience, making it easier for an exhibitor to move seamlessly from person to person.

HydroVision is a video production on water accompanied by cloud bubbles that project messages inside of them. These products work with fog as a barrier, so the messages are visible when using a bright white light for illumination.

“What this technology does is offer people a competitive edge in a competitive environment,” said Sullivant. “And if you can entertain them, you can leave them with a positive image of your booth and that what we’re going for.”

For more information about the products at PeopleVisionFX, visit www.peoplevisionfx.com.

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