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Industry pros take a pie in the face for charity

This year at EXHIBITOR2012, Elements once again held a fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of the late Tim Provo, former president of the company.

Similar to last year’s Drinks-N-Dunks event, Elements gathered a few well-known industry professionals to participate in Spirits-N-Splats, a carnival-style, pie-throwing, extravaganza. Pie-in-the-face volunteers included Don Svehla, publisher of Exhibit City News; Mike Boone; director of international business for Coastal international; Rebecca Thompson, account executive at MC2; and Stacy Barnes, national sales manager for Brumark.

At the price of $10 per pie, Spirits-n-Splats raised nearly $1,400 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as co-workers, colleagues and friends lined up to toss a pie at their “favorite” participant. Bernie Massett, director of national I&D services at MC2, helped keep the money flowing as he took turns throwing pies and hosting the event.

“It is more than a pleasure to support this very important effort. It is truly an honor,” said Massett. “We have but one life to live and if we can give some of our life to help others live, then I am all in!”

After the last pie was thrown and whipped cream covered everything within a five foot radius, Alicia Rosen of Elements thanked everyone involved, especially the four volunteers.

“I just wanted to thank you again for your generous participation in Spirits-N-Splats this year,” said Rosen. “You guys are the best and I feel truly blessed to work in an industry where the people are as supportive and as giving as you guys. I’m forever in your debt.”

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