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Super stylish and amazing clear sound, with these headphones you definitely stand out and look as fashionable and hip ever. This easy to handle, lightweight design won’t wear down at the top of your head. It’s also very comfortable thanks to their giant DJ-style ear pads that conform to the ear once they warm up.

Also, you can take quickly calls using Monster’s ControlTalk Universal, which lets you conveniently switch between your music from your headphones to your phone with an in-line mic that features controls for android, tablets and other devices.

ECN 012015_TSL_Product Review for Conventioneers_SPhillipsAbout Monster 24K:

  • Pure Monster Sound integral to each pair, driving bass at the heart
  • Professional DJ Style Ear Swiveling Cups
  • Design meant for fashion and comfort
  • Iconic Gold-plated band meant to be an accessory as much as a pair of headphones
  • Super plush ear cushions for comfort
  • ControlTalk Universal


Prices range from $269.95 – $319.95

For more information, visit www.MonsterProducts.com.



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