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Greetings to readers everywhere!

Greetings to fellow industry enthusiasts!

As busy as I am here in Vegas most of the year, out with customers and industry leaders (dinner, lunches, and happy hour…Oh my!), everything ramps up a few notches when EXHIBITOR Show week approaches.

The show is not produced by us, but being based here means that everyone is our guest. Whoever cannot fit into my residence, which turns into a tradeshow flophouse this time of year, can fit comfortably into one of our approximately 150,000 guest rooms and suites. I have told the maids to take good care of you, and offered them a hefty tip for the best scoop overheard in the elevators and hallways.

Labor study: Part II of III
Included in this month’s print edition is the middle installment of our in-depth look into I&D and event labor. This under-respected segment of our industry cries to be better understood. You cannot get this research anywhere else besides ECN. We look forward to comments and feedback.

On to more serious matters: As we go to print, we reported that the TSEA is in dire straits and has ceased day-to-day operations. Hopefully by the time you read this, someone has arrived to rescue this valuable institution that has served our industry since the late 1960s.

Time to P-A-R-T-Y!
Be sure to join us and Willwork at our 14th annual Mega-Networking Night, which is held on Tuesday, March 6, at the Hard Rock on the Strip. See the ad on the website, and be sure to contact our sponsors for your ticket. We usually draw 700+ people. Now that’s buying power!

Hope to see you here in sunny Vegas among the movers and shakers at EXHIBITOR2012!

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