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Reveal celebrates anniversary

Reveal, the face-to-face marketing firm formed by Jim Obermeyer and James Chapin, is celebrating their 10th anniversary. The St. Louis-based company was established January 15, 2001 to provide face-to-face marketing products and services for tradeshows, events, museums, corporate environments and point of purchase clients locally, nationally and internationally.

“We have been very fortunate, with everything that has happened to our economy and to our country in the last 10 years, to be in the strong position we are, to have come through this recent recession and to be poised for growth,” said Jim Obermeyer, partner at Reveal.

The last decade has been marked by a growing number of large tradeshow and special event projects for companies like Nestle Purina Pet Care, The Boeing Company, Anheuser-Busch, Temple Inland, Land o’ Lakes Purina Mills, and the air fuels division of British Petroleum. Starting with just one client, the company has grown their account base to over 120 clients, producing over 1200 events a year.

“We based the formation of Reveal on one premise; that what our clients want most is attention to their tradeshow and special event needs so that they can achieve positive results, and getting personal service and event marketing expertise, when they need it. It’s not about building a big shop, or having a cool office in class A office space,” said Obermeyer. “It’s about being able to get results for our clients, whether that means designing and building exhibits, managing logistics, finding a Cirque du Soliel act in Honolulu or a dog breeder in Orlando.”

The team at Reveal is especially attracted to challenges most traditional exhibit houses pass on. They work equally well in Europe and the Far East as well as in their own back yard.

“We are blessed with a team of very creative, very dedicated and very experienced exhibit and event experts,’ said James Chapin, Partner. “As a group, we can access resources around the globe on behalf of our clients. Nothing is more fun than delighting a client by doing something they don’t think is possible, and doing it within their budget.”

Every employee at Reveal has years of experience in various facets of the tradeshow and event industries, from corporate tradeshow marketing to show management to event production. The group is made up of those that have been with the company from day one to young talent eager to grow with the company.

“The timing of this anniversary couldn’t be better,” said Chapin. “We’ve just come through a couple of pretty tough years and now have a team of people who are passionate about the growth that is in front of us. The increase in our client base recently will deliver close to a 50 percent increase in 2010 revenue over 2009; pretty amazing in this economy. We’re looking forward to the next 10.”

For more information about how Reveal can help you with your exhibit design, production and marketing needs, contact Reveal, 1241 Ambassador Drive, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63132. Telephone: 314-997-6333; FAX: 314-997-6366, www.revealexhibits.com. Follow Reveal on Facebook and Twitter.



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