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Earlier this year, a group of 10 owners from Shanghai-based exhibit design and fabrication companies visited 3D Exhibits and McCormick Place in Chicago. The trip was organized by the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association (SCEIA) and 3D Exhibits.


Tradeshows have increased by 26 percent in Asia over the last three years.

The visit was designed to improve cooperation, communication and understanding between exhibit companies that are being drawn closer together by many factors.

The growth of tradeshows in China has increased by 26 percent over the past three years. Additionally, participation by Chinese companies in U.S. tradeshows has increased as well.

Another reason for the visit is a new convention center located in Shanghai that is scheduled to be completed in 2015. This new facility is expected to be the largest convention center in the world.

As the exhibition industry continues to trend toward a global business, international cooperation between designers, builders and suppliers becomes more important.

“The future is now,” said Gene Faut, president, 3D Exhibits. “Positioning our company with the necessary resources that best serve the needs of our clients is key in planning for a seamless tomorrow. Before we make any strategic steps forward, we must fully investigate the needs, risks and costs to better serve our clients.”

Ma Hongding, vice secretary general of SCEIA, invited the 10 exhibit-design company owners to visit Chicago for a first-hand look at a U.S. convention center and exhibit-design facility. The theme of the visit for each party was to listen and learn how to better serve their customers when doing tradeshows from across their borders. Building relationships and the understanding of the cultural differences is a key ingredient when meetings like this are organized.


The delegates who toured 3D Exhibits pause for a group photo.

“We hope to understand our differences to better help our customers,” said Danny Ye, marketing director, Shanghai Vision Advertising Co. “Exhibit design methods between our countries have more in common than our differences.”

Managing the needs of U.S. customers abroad also requires diligent attention to the subtleties and details of the host country. The service partners chosen must be specifically equipped to best fit the needs of a clients’ exhibit program.

“Through clear communication and understanding with trusted partners, we are more likely to achieve the expected results,” said Dara LaMere, director of international programs, 3D Exhibits.

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