Bob Padget
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Situation Wanted

Do You Need The Impossible Done? Special Needs?

“This is Bob Paget; I was in the three-dimensional marketing world for over 30 years and sold projects that range from arenas and stadiums, to tradeshow exhibitry, as well as sales centers, and museum projects, along with themed work of various types, and high-end retail fixture programs. My clients include the Japanese American National Museum, The John James Audubon Museum, The Portland Trail Blazers Rose Garden Arena, Oregon Coast Aquarium, just to name a few. I am looking for a niche market or clients that have special needs. I am  known as the guy to turn to when you need to get the impossible done. By the way I am not dead yet, and I approve this message. I am back so give me a call at (702) 994-7724 or email me at


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