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Six new tradeshow products shine at EXHIBITOR2013


Weeks after the annual EXHIBITOR show has concluded, the brightness has not diminished for several award-winning products that generated a great deal of booth buzz during and after the show.

Construct120 Framing System
Also honored with a Buyers Choice Award was the Construct 120 framing system by Moss Inc. The Construct 120 is a cost-effective way to create large-scale, high-impact custom exhibits and temporary structures both indoors and outdoors. Strong, lightweight components free designs from the constraints and compromises of most systems and enable curves, angles and long spans at heights many systems can’t handle. Frame connections are precision fit, tight and smooth, and the framing is bendable. Design can have limitless angles with no compromising on curves. When compared to other systems, the cost of Construct 120 ownership is low. Unlike existing custom construction, assembly and takedown of Construct 120 is simple and fast. Its compact, lightweight components reduce drayage and shipping expenses. All hardware is self-contained, and there are no loose parts.


Interactive Model System by Inhance

Interactive Model System
Inhance Digital’s Interactive Model System meets the challenges of showcasing a large, complex product and all of its features and capabilities. Designed specifically with the tradeshow industry in mind, the system creates a photorealistic virtual model that utilizes Inhance’s proprietary, high-end 3D video game technology and intuitive graphical-user interfaces. Users can rotate 3D objects, explore inner features and product benefits in vivid detail, isolate key components and view the equipment in different geographical settings. It also contains a built-in metrics tool that tracks attendee exploration of virtual models.

“We’re constantly out there deploying these amazing things,” said Penn Arthur, CEO, Inhance Digital. “We’ve got such a great team here pushing the envelope of what is possible in the interactive space, and it’s great to get recognition for that. This award means a lot for Inhance.”

PAL30S LED Arm Light

The use of LED arm lights is very popular among exhibitor, but using them has meant managing the expense and hassle of supplying a transformer for each cord. The PAL 30S LED Arm Light eliminates the transformer with a design allowing exhibitors to plug the LED lights not only into outlets without using transformers, but also into each other for outlet-saving convenience. Arm lights on 14-inch stems are constructed of aluminum with six LED lamps that put out a total of 2,400 Lumens, and up to eight units can be daisy-chained together with just one plugged into a standard outlet.


PhotonHolosign by PeopleVisionFX

PeopleVisionFX won a coveted Buyers Choice Award for its PhotonHolosign, which provides an alternative to traditional hard-surface and digital signage. The PhotonHolosign is a new display device utilizing unique PeopleVisionFX technologies to create hologram-type images that captivate audiences and communicate information. A key feature of the PhotonHolosign is a user-friendly interface that allows an exhibitor to instantly create 3D holographic content in real time. The PhotonHolosign provides an alternative to ordinary signs. It can display logos or other graphics, and it can show product renderings and photography as well as provide instructions or listings of product features and descriptions.

“We’re honored to be among the innovative competitors in the New Product Showcase, and we’re thrilled to receive this award,” said Wayne Sullivant, president, PeopleVisionFX.

ShowGo Mobile App
The Seattle Software Corp. won a Buyers Choice Award for its ShowGo mobile application, which allows exhibit coordinators to demonstrate products and services without having to bring the actual item or service to the presentation. That means a sales lead could be secured virtually anywhere and not just on the tradeshow floor. It becomes s story-telling tool to engage attendees on the tradeshow floor as well as business partners while out for lunch. When paired with ShowGo’s companion software, ShowGo Connect, sales personnel have Web-based access to all their vital tradeshow data around the clock.


Up-Lite by Ellumilite

The need to carry fragile light fixtures for retractable graphic displays is gone with the new Up-Lite by Ellumilite. The Up-Lite has a retractable display made of a thin sheet of electroluminescent lighting using phosphorous ink that glows evenly when electrified. Display graphics are applied directly to the coated polyester surface or to a separate sheet to create multiple graphics for use that are flexible, unbreakable, energy-efficient and do not pose hazards of any sort. The Up-Lite is available in sizes of up to 27 inches by 77 inches and can be rolled into the base of the display for ease of transportation.

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