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Smart City Networks upgrades services at LACC

AEG Facilities’ Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), in collaboration with in-house, exclusive telecommunications provider, Smart City, announced major upgrades to the existing Wi-Fi network have been implemented effective July 1. Upgrades offer increased Wi-Fi coverage, a stronger Wi-Fi signal and expanded complimentary Wi-Fi availability.

“This project is a critical component of our partnership with the facility and we look forward to delivering a superior service to clients and guests. We upgraded the existing fiber network, including adding 40,000 feet (7 miles) of fiber as well as 76,000 feet of copper (14 miles). Also, new Cisco wireless access points have been installed, which results in increased Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building,” commented Henry De La Rosa, general manager for Smart City at LACC.

The upgraded network provides LACC with a robust fiber backbone capable of seamlessly supporting large-scale technology shows. Additionally, Smart City’s partnership with technology vendors such as Cisco will further reinforce the facility’s ability to deliver reliable service to clients and guests.

“We are very excited about the improvements Smart City has made to the entire Wi-Fi network, which covers both complimentary and paid Wi-Fi. Complimentary Wi-Fi is now available in all public areas in the facility as opposed to only the three food court areas; customers also have the option to upgrade to secure Instant Internet or Exhibitor Internet at a fee,” noted Brad Gessner, AEG Facilities Senior Vice President and LACC General Manager.

Smart City upgraded LACC's Wi-Fi network with increased coverage, a stronger signal and expanded complimentary availability
Smart City upgraded LACC’s Wi-Fi network with increased coverage, a stronger signal and expanded complimentary availability

Highlights of the Wi-Fi network upgrade include:

  • Upgrade to the existing fiber network, including the addition of single mode fiber to every IDF in the building
  • New core switch (Nexus 7009)
  • New UPS for the core switch
  • New 2960 switches in every IDF
  • Design establish for 210 New Cisco 3702 wireless access points
  • Category 6 cabling project to enable wireless
  • 76,000 feet of copper (14 miles)
  • 40,000 feet of fiber (7 miles)

About the Los Angeles Convention Center
Operated by AEG Facilities, the LACC is one of the most technologically advanced convention and exhibition centers in the world. It is also a model environmental-friendly facility, holding the prestigious US Green Building Council’s LEED-EB GOLD Certification. LACC is also a Bronze Level recipient of the California Award for Performance Excellence (CAPE), Eureka Award.

For more information, visit lacclink.com

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