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For exhibitors looking to take their work outside of the usual places, several destinations in Europe have state-of-the-art convention centers. Although the travelling might require a little more effort, moving a tradeshow to a different and unique convention center opens up the exhibiting process to a world of new possibilities.

HannoverHannover Exhibition Center
, Germany
The Hannover Exhibition Center, located in Hannover, Germany, is considered the leading tradeshow facility in Europe. The center, which is expanded over 10 million square feet, features 26 halls that cover over 5 million square feet.

Gardens and relaxation areas litter the property, providing exhibitors and attendees a break from the busy tradeshow schedule.

The Hannover Exhibition Center offer many amenities, including a tram line directly from the airport and its own railway station. The center also has over 40 restaurants and eateries on site.

Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center, PolandWarsaw
In the heart of Warsaw lies the Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center. The convention portion of the hotel boasts over 15,000 square feet of exhibit space. With the hotel portion considered, the property can accommodate about 2,000 guests.

The center also holds a 6,000 square-foot foyer and 12 separate breakout rooms.

As for amenities, the Hilton Warsaw offers several restaurants as well as high-speed internet and an on-site club and spa. The Center is located in the central business and financial district of Warsaw.


Creta MarisCreta Maris Convention & Golf Resort, Greece
The Creta Maris Convention & Golf Resort, located in Hersonnisos, is close to the Heraklion International Airport. Hersonnisos is a fishing village north of Crete, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The Creta Maris offers 68 conference halls capable of holding over 5,000 attendees. The exhibition space covers over 40,000 square feet, and the property also has an open-air theatre capable of holding 1,400 people.

Among the amenities on the property, the Creta Maris offers a range of technical products, including things like microphones and a wireless voting system.

Belem Cultural Center, PortugalBelem
Situated in one of the most historical districts of Lisbon, the Belem Cultural Center overlooks the Tagus River and Jeronimos Monastery. The space was originally built to accommodate the European Presidency.

The Center’s largest hall offers over 18,500 square feet of exhibit space, and the smallest room on the property is 400 square feet. The Belem Cultural Center can also provide attendees and guests with a few stores as well as two bars and a restaurant.

MersinMersin Congress & Exhibition Center, Turkey
Built between 2005 and 2008, the Mersin Congress and Exhibition center is located in Mersin, Turkey. The Center is also known as Mersin Congress and Exhibition Palace.

The center is designed as a fake island in the middle of a pool. The building, which covers 34,000 square feet, is also adjacent to a large parking area as well as open space facilities for meetings. There are three halls located in the center. The biggest of the three can hold up to 1,000 people.

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