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To get the most out of their networking time together, attendees at ACCESS participated in a new speed networking event. This interactive session offered 25 different exhibitors/sponsors the opportunity to meet with 25 different industry buyers. During the program, the buyers spent two minutes with each exhibitor discussing possibly business opportunities.

Below is a personal account from one of the exhibitors in the event.

I was excited to participate in the speed networking event at this year’s ACCESS 2011, EDPA’s Annual Conference. It was my first speed networking event, and I was ready to make the most of it.

There I sat at a long table somewhere close to the middle, anxious for the event to start. There were a total of 25 exhibitors/suppliers and 25 attendees participating. As a first-time exhibitor at ACCESS, I was ready to share our products and services with the attendees participating in speed networking.

There were, however, a few challenges throughout the event that I had to overcome. For one, it was a bit loud. I found myself shouting and leaning across the table to hear and be heard. Even with the challenges, I tried to do my best. Within the two minutes I had to talk to each person, I was able to determine if our companies would be a good fit to work with each other. It also gave me a chance to invite them all to our booth, and quite a few of them stopped by.

My only complaints were that there was a bit of a time crunch, and each participant was a little too close together, which is what made it hard to hear. It would have been nice to have a little more time with each participant, but overall, I thought it was a great event. It gave me an opportunity to network with 25 people within a short period of time, most of which I may not have had the chance to talk to. It also helped me establish a few more familiar faces throughout the rest of the show.

I was extremely grateful to take part in the speed networking event this year and would do it again. Even with the challenges, it gave me a lot more opportunities to follow up with after the show.

Melissa Skipworth,
Exhibit Fair International


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