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Storage Visions Conference chooses theme for 2014

“We might say that ‘Fast is beautiful,’ since it provides the means to get more content to where it needs to go, but at the same time, storage volumes are increasing since content capture, post-production, content delivery and especially content preservation and archiving need more storage capacity and thus ‘Size Matters,’” explained Tom Coughlin, conference organizer, Coughlin Associates.

An event bringing together digital storage oriented people from throughout the digital content creation, distribution and use value chain, the conference provides an environment where attendees can network with world changers and industry titans. Attendees will discover trends and meet trendsetters who will drive a new wave of business tied to higher content stereoscopic resolution, more distribution channels, and new digital storage technologies.

“4K TVs are moving to the mainstream, and with new compression technologies, using HEVC content for these devices is possible using conventional electronic and physical distribution technology,” said Coughlin. “8K production is now in its infancy, but within 10 years, a major video production project could create over an Exabyte of content. This will drive demand for flash memory, hard disk drives, optical discs and magnetic tape.”

Increasing collaborative workflows, online cloud-based archiving and Internet-based content distribution will drive demand for more networked storage.  Social networks as well as Internet-based video are expanding the options and capabilities to have access to all content, anywhere and anytime. There also appears to be a movement to solid state hybrid hard disk drives that could lead to a new generation of “fat tablets” as well as thin, light and capacious ultra-light notebook computers.

The 2013 Storage Visions Conference had record attendance, up from 2012 with press and analyst registration at 30 percent of the total attendees.  Many major product and initiative announcements were made, continuing a long tradition of new storage and storage application announcements at the conference.

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