T3 TrackerT3 Expo and Intelligent Product Solutions Collaborate to Pioneer T3 Tracker Solution; Provides Visibility into where Packages are, while Creating Easy Way to Ship Back Items

T3 Expo, a general contractor for tradeshows and corporate events, in collaboration with Intelligent Product Solutions, a product development company that provides software and hardware engineering and industrial design services, is reducing the complexity that is synonymous with the tradeshow industry with the introduction of its new app, the T3 Tracker. The RFID technology solution picks up where mail carriers leave off at the tradeshow convention center.

The T3 Tracker mobile app, available currently on the Google Android platform solves the continued frustration that numerous marketing executives and event coordinators have felt when trying to locate goods that have been shipped to a tradeshow event. In the hustle and bustle of big tradeshows, various deliveries are just “dropped” at the tradeshow location with hundreds of thousands of other deliveries. Up until now, marketers, and corporate executives have been without the ability to track, locate or find what has been delivered by FedEx, UPS or the US Postal Service on the convention show floor in an easy, hassle-free and systematic way.

Customers traditionally ship their packages to a convention center’s central receiving location where they are left by a mail carrier. This can cause confusion and anxiety that a package has been delivered to building that can be over a million square feet.

“T3 Tracker now allows event coordinators to track and find a packages, anywhere on the show floor,” said Chris Valentine, chief executive officer, T3 Expo, “The new app allows faster turn around and greater sharing of accurate information, and ease of tracking—all delivering peace of mind for any tradeshow organizer.”

How does T3 Tracker work?

The app is intended for T3 Expo employees or contractors working on the show site or the advanced warehouse. T3 Tracker begins after the mail carrier marks tradeshow packages as delivered. It then promptly starts providing information on the delivered packages’ location en-route to the specific tradeshow booth, the condition the package is in and when it will arrive directly to the booth.

The mail carrier’s tracking number is associated with the T3 Tracker number and uses a custom RFID application built by IPS so that show managers know the status of their valuable assets.

“We were excited to incorporate our unique design thinking into an innovative app for T3 Expo that will help transform the tradeshow industry as we know it,” said Bob Wild, vice president Electrical, Software and Systems Engineering at IPS. “Customers can now get end-to-end reporting of material shipped by T3 Expo, from shipping to delivery at the location of assembly, for their event. When we were asked to design, create and help pioneer something groundbreaking for T3 Expo and its customers, it was all about helping save important and valuable time and effort – while incorporating disruptive innovation to how things have ‘always been done’.”

Check out how it works in this video. https://youtu.be/oE6G_UjclO0

Additional Features for T3 Tracker include the ability to

  • Track shipment status
  • Report exceptions via email (missing package, damage to shipment, etc.)
  • Automatically report the details of shipments to central data store at T3
  • Attach descriptions or photos of exceptions
  • Scan shipper barcodes and save them to T3 database

T3 Expo is also the innovative company that brought the industry Presta, a Magnetic Panel System that allows exhibitors to clip, snap and install panels to a 20-foot wall in six seconds. The approach creates flexibility in design and allows for stress-free, last minute changes by clients.

About T3 Expo

T3 Expo defines, develops and delivers what is needed for event managers to better manage what exhibitors want and attendees dream. T3 Expo has scores of Eventgineers, who apply their collective experience each and every day to redefine the design, development and delivery of events around the world. T3’s Eventgineers can rebrand entire events overnight or apply their decades of experience to save clients planning and production headaches. With the use of T3’s Presta technology, T3 Eventgineers are able to work with clients to create an event space that is needed to foster important ideas and sharable moments.

About IPS

Intelligent Product Solutions is a New York, Seattle and Minneapolis based design and engineering firm developing producing a wide array of ground up software applications and hardware products. Successful projects include fully integrated IoT solutions, robust enterprise tracking applications, voice driven technology, wearable technology, advanced beverage dispensing, energy harvest solutions and advanced security and detection systems. Clients include Pepsi, Google, Verizon, L3 Security and Detection Systems and Steinway & Sons Pianos.

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