May 29, 2024 9:21 PM
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“Momentum Management continues to be impressed with the measures that Exhibit City News takes in their efforts to provide a respected and credible platform for our industry.  We are so grateful for the relationships we have built with their team over the years.  Exhibit City News will continue to be a reliable partner in our advertising efforts. Thank you for your excellent work!”
Momentum Management
“I have been an advertiser in Exhibit City News since 2001 and it was one of the best business moves that I have done in this industry. At that time Exhibit City News, Exhibitor Magazine and Tradeshow Week were the premier publications in our industry. Today Exhibit City New and Exhibitor Magazine are the premier publications. I really appreciate the constant one on one contact and the first class production services of Exhibit City News as well as the beneficial results of their services and publications. The more I advertise with them the more telephone calls, e-mails and business we do. This is the only advertising vendor that we deal with that directly furnishes us with leads, direct business and I feel like a friend besides being a client. I really appreciate the one on one approach and follow up. Please reply or call me at 770 333-9202 with any questions and thank you for your help.”
Jules Schoicket
Nationwide Services, LLC
“Exhibit City News provides excellent information on current trends, and is a great resource for the most up to date happenings in our ever-changing industry. I read it cover to cover!”
Leanne Dagavarian
Trade Show & Special Event Manager, Hologic
“Exhibit City News has provided my business with some unique, high profile, vertical advertising that has proven to be directly accountable to my bottom line with a high ROI. Small businesses like mine need to maximize every penny spent. Mr. Tradeshow Publications has done that with their paper, high profile events and sponsorship opportunities, editorial, and exhibiting exposure. If you choose one publication to advertise in, Exhibit City News is your best resource for building business-to-business contacts in the tradeshow industry.”
David Barten
Owner, David Barten Productions (Los Angles, San Diego, Las Vegas)
“As a tradeshow-professional, I have to be up to speed and on the ball every day. My clients from Europe expect me to have instant answers to tradeshow-related facts and events from all over this continent. Exhibit City News has proven to be the best source of information for me. Their concept of individual columns of industry’s best, is like having a hot-line to the show floor. No overkill journalism, just “hands on” practical approach, well mixed with an appropriate ratio of the most important advertising. And all the hot tips for local restaurants. I can’t wait for the next issue. Don and his team are not just publishing a newspaper, they care about you and me. If you have a challenge, ask them. If they can’t solve it, they know who can.”
Horst Tondasch
Tradeshow Consultant, Coral Enterprises, Inc.
“Exhibit City News has been a source throughout my career in tradeshows for all the up-to-date news and information. It is the one publication that I read from front to back because it always has great articles without a lot of fluff! They are the “meat and potatoes” publication for the industry.”
Stacy Barnes
National Sales Manager, Brumark Total Flooring
“We as an industry thank the Exhibit City News staff for providing us all with the print and online platforms necessary for honoring our up and coming industry leaders (40 Under 40) of both today and tomorrow. Keep carrying those torches and fighting the good fight… Job well done!”
Ray C. Rogowicz
CEO and President, EXHIBITTRADER.COM, Inc.
“I have expanded my knowledge and increased my exposure by reading and advertising in Exhibit City News. I would recommend Exhibit City News to anyone in the industry.”
Brian Phebus
Vice President, Metro Exhibits
“We have found Exhibit City News to be valuable and timely source for news. It’s growth and success can surely be credited to the staff commitment to getting the real facts on the major stories in the industry.”
Todd Iverson
Vice President of Global Accounts, GES Expositions Services

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