June 18, 2024 6:06 AM
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The EACA Weekly Update

Hello everyone this is Jim Wurm reaching out on behalf of the EACA with our first weekly update on the Don & Mike Show.   We’d like to extend our greetings for a Happy and prosperous New Year to all our members and industry colleagues as we begin 2019.

The EACA begins the year with a new slate of Officers and an expanded slate of Directors that we’d like our members to welcome.

Our Officers for 2019 are:

President                                       David Holloway, Eagle Management

Vice President                               Bernie Massett, MC2

Treasurer                                       Colleen Johnson, Sho-Link

Secretary                                       Ben Power, Nth Degree

Immediate Past President             Shannon Scherer, Nth Degree

Our Directors for 2019 are:

EAC Director                                  Brian Phebus, Metro Corp.

EAC Director                                  April Hurley, The Expo Group

EAC Director                                  John O’Shea, Czarnowski

EAC Director                                  Bill Muller, Renaissance Mgmt.

EAC Director                                  Rick Bellerjeau, Momentum Mgmt.

EAC Director                                  Bob Dobinski, Corp-Events New England

EAC Director                                  Ronnie Wakefield, UPS Freight

The primary goals established by the Board for the EACA for 2019 are to continue to improve EAC community relations with unions and general contractors, as part of the collective bargaining process, and to improve relations with show organizers and facilities as it relates to show security and safety.

As it relates to labor relations there are quite a number of contract renewals on the calendar for 2019 that EACA leadership will be involved in, including:

  • Nashville Stagehands. That CBA expired on December 31
  • Louis Decorators CBA expires March 31, 2019),
  • Philadelphia Carpenters (CBA expires April 30, 2019),
  • Atlantic City Carpenters (CBA expires April 30, 2019),
  • Baltimore/DC Carpenters (CBA expires April 30, 2019),
  • Chicago Carpenters (CBA expires May 31, 2019),
  • Seattle/Portland Carpenters (CBA expires May 31, 2019),
  • New Orleans Stagehands (June 30, 2019),
  • Orlando Stagehands (CBA expires September 1, 2019) and
  • Denver Stagehands (CBA expires December 31, 2019).

As in the past, labor negotiations will be a collaborative effort with EACA members and, we hope, with general service contractors in those markets in order to achieve the best outcome for all concerned.

Additionally, EACA is working with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters on the development of a Collaborative Leadership Training program.  This program is offered to management personnel for EACA members and the pilot program kicks off at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas on Feb. 21-23.

If you’d like more info on how to register for that program, email jimwurm@eaca.com

Other Programs in the works for 2019 include:

The Schedule of Webcast Programs – which includes titles like Why Salespeople Don’t Sell, How to Control Workers Comp Insurance Costs, and an introductory program to the EACA mobile app.

New Programs Planned for 2019

The EACA mobile app, currently under development, will be a “Help Desk” app for members to get real time answers to project critical questions.

That concludes our update for this week but if you have any questions about any of the new developments with the EACA you’re always welcome to reach out to me, Jim Wurm, by email at jimwurm@eaca.com

Have a great week!


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