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Tradeshow/Events Podcast: The Don & Mike Show’s Latest News

by Jeanne Brei

Going out on the road in Washington, D.C. & Santa Fe, N.M.

The Don & Mike Show, which podcasts interviews from industry colleagues from the tradeshows, event and experiential marketing industries, is going back on the road recording live interviews from Washington, D.C. during Global Exhibitions Day and Santa Fe, N.M. for the ESCA Summer Conference.

Show co-host Mike Morrison attended the two-day event in Washington, D.C. with his fellow constituents from Georgia: Dave Flory from CORT Events, Brad Falberg and Lynn Reves from Exhibitus, McCart from HFI Event Services, Yolonde Tanner from The Georgia Municipal Association and David McCauley from the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. They held meetings with Georgia’s Senators and Congress Legislators to discuss the four main concerns for the exhibitions and events industries:

* Municipal Infrastructure (airports, roads, rail, etc…),

* Renaming of the Visa Waiver Program to the Secure Travel and Partnership Act,

* Approval of The Jolt Act

* The act of protecting the program known as Brand USA

At the conclusion of the day’s events, Morrison held an interview with the team recapping the day which can be heard on the June 7th episode of The Don & Mike Show.

“It was my first time to attend this event and to be honest with you, I was a bit worried and somewhat apprehensive to participate,” Morrison says.  “Once we started the meetings, though, I found it to be pretty comfortable in stating the concerns with the staff and members and my entire take on advocacy has changed to be more positive than before … I think everyone should participate in Exhibitions Day meetings in Washington if they are able.”

The Don & Mike Show will also be at ESCA’s Summer Educational Conference on June 23-26 in Santa Fe, N.M. Both men will be behind the microphones as they were last year in Carlsbad and are planning on interviewing many of the members and supporters of the service and contractor’s companies and organization within the tradeshow industry.

Last year, there were many participants in the interviews and this year should be no exception.  More interviews will be shared from attendees in upcoming Don & Mike shows.

Morrison is still extolling the features of the www.TheDonandMikeShow.net website and says, “The Don and Mike Show website (www.TheDonAndMikeShow.net) has a lot of varying features where our listeners can participate.  “One of those features is a weekly poll related to our industries where answers are given to the audience each Friday during the regular Don and Mike Show. Also, a form on the landing page allows listeners to submit topics for discussion and make recommendations for future guests or the show.

“There’s also a shopping area for Don and Mike Show merchandise as well as every previous episode of the shows done since the first show aired on ExhibitCityNews.com July 7, 2017,” Morrison adds. “In addition, other related podcasts can be found on the site and much more.”

They celebrated their second anniversary of podcasting the show on July 5 with 118 episodes available on their website. They did two podcasts a week for nearly six months starting in 2019—keeping their original Friday podcasts and adding a Tuesday Don & Mike Show–Extra, and have now surpassed 34,000 listens. They put the Tuesday shows, which highlighted organizational and association news with interviews from EDPA, ESCA, IAEE, EACA and many more organizations related to Tradeshows, Events and Experiential Marketing, on hiatus for the summer.

The podcast is “Brought to You by SMT Expo,” their first sponsor.  A division of Glenmore Industries, an OEM manufacturer of a wide variety of home, industrial and automotive products, SMT Expo is headquartered in Edison, N.J., and has manufacturing facilities and offices in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the U.K.

SMT stands for Smart Modular Technology and is the exclusive provider of the industry’s leading, full floorplan, fabric booth system and the sole manufacturer of a revolutionary tool-free system.

Joe Cascio, SVP sales and marketing at SMT Expo, says, “Just as Don and Mike strive to stay at the cutting edge of the live events industry, SMT Expo is committed to enhanced creativity to improve the overall experience within our industry.”

Morrison adds, “Shooting the Facebook Live videos from the Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic at EXHIBITORLIVE, as well as from the show floor at EXHIBITORLIVE 2019, and from the ACE Awards presentation truly lets us cover the industry in a way no one else is doing.”

The Don & Mike Show shares interviews from industry colleagues from Tradeshows, Event and Experiential Marketing industries.

Interviews include these industry people:

Dasher Lowe – EDPA

David Dubois – IAEE

Mitt Arnaudet and Julie Kagy – ESCA

Sam Lippman – Lippman Connects

Tim Searle – DEX Exhibit Systems

Kraig Shetler – Booth Traffic

Kelli Liles – Old Dominion

Dave Sterne – The Inside Track

Russ Klein – American Marketing Association

Chris Kappes – Exhibitshub.com

Candy Adams – The Booth Mom

Glenn Diehl – Genesis Exhibits

Julie Pazina and Zach Wetterling – Edlen Electric

Reid Sherwood – RSMGC

Rich Johnson – RSMG

Ray Baum – Core Apps

Steve Golden – CORT Events

James Zacharias – Brumark

Steven Hacker – Consultant, SMT EXPO

Tom Clark – Game Buzz

Vince Battaglia – TheTradeShowCalender.com

and many more!

The Latest Don & Mike Shows:

The Don and Mike Show: ExhibitionsDay 2019 Wrap Up and Reid Sherwood from the RSMGC Board of Directors

The Don and Mike Show: Tim Searle, DEX Exhibit Systems and Association News

The Don and Mike Show: LED Wall Crashes at Mandalay Bay and Association News

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The LAST Don and Mike Show EXTRA … Association News and More

The Don and Mike Show: Dasher Lowe from EDPA and Kelli Liles from Old Dominion

The Don and Mike Show: Julie Pazina and Zach Wetterling from Edlen Electric along with more industry news!

The Don and Mike Show EXTRA: Uber/Lyft Strike Tomorrow, AirBNB and TURO review, Exhibitions Day and Association News

The Don and Mike Show: Don and Mike Jingles Buried, Glenn Diehl from Genesis Exhibits New York City

The Don and Mike Show: Candy Adams, The Booth Mom on Bait and Switch Problems and Too Many Passwords in Show Kits!

The Don and Mike Show EXTRA: IAEE, EDPA, EACA, ESCA and more Association News, Headlines and More!

The Don and Mike Show: Sam Lippman from Lippman Connects and Texting on the Job

The Don and Mike Show EXTRA: The Don and Mike Show: Apple sued over AI claim, more Boeing 737 Max news and Association updates

The Don and Mike Show: Dave Sterne with “Good Booth Gone Bad!”

The Don and Mike Show: Founder of Exhibitshub.com Chris Kappes interview while Mike is in Miami and Don is in Argentina!

The Don and Mike Show: Russ Klein, CEO American Marketing Association on Experience Design Branding

The Don and Mike Show EXTRA: News, Association Updates and Spring Break!

This story originally appeared in the July/August issue of Exhibit City News, p. 58. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecnflipbook_julyaugust_2019_web

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