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Cadmium CD
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Tradeshow Technology: CadmiumCD’s eventScribe

An All-In-One Tool That Will Take Your Events To The Next Level

 by Michael Doane

In an era where mobile technology is constantly available at your fingertips, people are finding the old way of planning conferences disjointed and inefficient. CadmiumCD, a Baltimore-based company, has changed the game for both event planners and attendees with a new suite of apps.

CadmiumCD offers several different product modules that can work as stand alone tools, but show producers also have the ability to mix and match the products with eventScribe, creating a seamless experience before, during, and after the event.

Before The Event

Gone are the days of manually receiving thousands of abstracts from potential event participants. One of CadmiumCD’s most powerful offerings is the Abstract Scorecard, a flexible tool that organizes streams of data efficiently so you can focus on getting the right people into your event. It’s a digital one stop shop for all event submissions.

The American Society of Landscape Architects has used the Abstract Scorecard since 2014 to manage nearly 2,000 entries and 10,000 reviews for their national level awards programs. Without the assistance of Abstract Scorecard, sorting through the thousands of data entries would be a huge strain on resources. Data collection may be one of the most arduous aspects of event planning, but it certainly isn’t the only task that requires heavy lifting.

Expo Harvester manages data that piles up from speakers presenters and exhibitors, and then seamlessly distributes it to all attendees. Because harvester works with eventScribe system, any updates move across modules effortlessly.

During the Event

Staying organized during an event is challenging for even the most seasoned planners, and eventScribe is the event app for meeting planners. Not only do event planners love it, but it consistently receives some of the highest event app ratings on the App Store and Google Play. CadmiumCD calls it the world’s most robust attendee engagement platform.

With a laundry list of features that include an event news feed and push notifications, session feedback and surveys, document and slide sharing, and speaker profiles, eventScribe is the only app your event needs.

Ever feel lost at an event? Allow your vendors to be more than a sea of tables and tchotchkes. Create an interactive floor plan for your event that is easily accessible on PC and mobile devices. With clean and easy to use interface, custom event branding, company logos and built in search navigation, this could be one of the most useful tools in your app arsenal.

After the Event

Even after your event, CadmiumCD is still working for you. Leverage your Cadmium Dashboard to store and deliver audio recordings, presentation slides and handouts for your attendees to revisit. You can also create custom CE quizzes and session evaluations to custom certificates and awards.

CadmiumCD is already being used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, including the American Dental Association. Most notably, the CadmiumCD suite has been the singular event tool utilized by the American Library Association for their annual conferences since 2013. With guest speakers including Jamie Lee Curtis, Margaret Atwood, Cory Booker and Neil Patrick Harris, the ALA annual conference is the ultimate event for librarians around the country to gather and learn how to implement the innovative ideas, strategies, and library techniques into their home system. Not only does the ALA use Abstract Scorecard to make initial planning and data collection for the event as streamlined as possible, but during the event, the ALA leverages all CadmiumCD has to offer with eventScribe.

From a conference website and app to interactive search, presentation recordings and document sharing, attendees, presenters and exhibitors have all the resources of the conference at their fingertips.

Michael Doane is a writer, marketer, web developer and marketing manager at CadmiumCD, who’s fallen in love with the events industry. He lives for live events, education, technology, and alternative publishing. For more info about how CadmiumCD can transform your event into a seamless, unforgettable experience, visit www.cadmiumcd.com.

This story originally appeared in the May/June issue of Exhibit City News, p. 66. For more pictures and original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/may-jun_ecn2018 

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