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Exhibit City News recently sat down with Patricia Basileo, vice president and general manager of American Harlequin, to discuss exhibit design from the ground up.

ECN: What are some of the most important things to consider when setting up for a tradeshow?

PB: When it comes to laying the foundation for a successful tradeshow, flooring is a crucial element that is sometimes overlooked. Installing the proper flooring is vital to ensure the safety and comfort of show attendees. It also helps provide a more seamless process for set up teams.

Given the quick turnaround time to set-up and dismantle tradeshows, it’s important to first consider set-up needs. Portability plays a huge factor in how easily flooring is transported in and out of exhibit spaces. Flooring options that can be broken down into small modular components for more manageability is key. It’s also important to thoroughly understand tradeshow installation and maintenance requirements. Asking questions such as “Will this flooring require special tools or skilled labor to install?” and “Will this display floor scuff easily, or maintain its original appearance throughout the show and beyond?” helps to determine the best flooring option.

ECN: What flooring options provide optimal support and set-up flexibility?

PB: Tradeshows are synonymous with hours of standing and sore feet. Portable sprung flooring is not only aesthetically appealing and easy to install, but it also supplies the support needed by exhibitors and show-goers. Another option that is making its way to tradeshows is flooring that easily clips into place, ensuring easy assembly and minimizing damage to the exhibit hall’s existing sub-floor.

ECN: How can tradeshow set-up teams ensure they are selecting the appropriate manufacturer?

PB: Since time is of the essence in assembling tradeshow booths and exhibits, it can’t be wasted on a lengthy install process. Look for flooring manufacturers that recognize the importance of guaranteeing outstanding service and speed.

ECN: What are key considerations in terms of maintenance?

PB: Vinyl flooring selections are easy to clean, durable and extremely convenient. Whether you are displaying power tools, pick-up trucks or food products, vinyl guarantees the cleanup will be simple. Vinyl flooring can also handle heavy weight, making it perfect for serving the specific needs of intense foot traffic for mobile exhibits.

American Harlequin offers flooring for tradeshows, dance recitals, performing arts and events. Since joining American Harlequin more than 14 years ago, Patricia Basileo has played a vital role in significantly growing the company’s sales.

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