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Unique spaces and events are the forte at EventMakers

A background in show business and an eye for unique spaces in which to create immersive environments have helped California-based EventMakers carve a niche among tradeshow and event-marketing firms.

Founded in 1990 by Guy Genis and co-owned by his brother, Mark, EventMakers excels at producing highly engaging, immersive marketing and publicity events in highly unique spaces, including many most other event-production firms could not use. A background in acting, including day parts on popular TV programs such as “Saved By The Bell,” helped Genis with creative ideas. It also gave EventMakers access to many private venues and film locations.


An immersive environment created for the Darksiders video game included a mechanical horse media members could ride.

“We use unique spaces for events. I have alliances in the film industry and could get access to estates, mansions and other unique spaces,” said Genis. “My first big account was McDonald’s in Woodland Hills, Calif. We used the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, which no longer is open. It was a great event, and we continue to produce a majority of events for the regional McDonald’s.”

While McDonald’s is among the first and remains one of the largest accounts EventMakers services, a variety of companies involved in several industries use the firm regularly to put on elaborate events, usually with theatrical elements and stunning visual appeals that leave a very positive impression in the minds of attendees. One such event occurred about two years ago to promote the launch of the video game Metro 2033, which is based on a Russian novel about life after a nuclear holocaust.

“We converted the basement of a nightclub in San Francisco into a post-apocalyptic setting for the video game. We skinned the wall with images from the game, hired Russian actors to play militia members, had smoke machines and special effects,” said Genis. “The actors were barking orders in Russian. We really threw them into an immersive environment and made it a memorable experience.”

Another memorable event also promoted a new video game, Darksiders, and featured an apocalyptic mechanical horse with fiery eyes that media could ride after signing a waiver. The horse was designed and built by the same firm that created the T-Rex for the hit film “Jurassic Park.”

While EventMakers does a lot of work with video game companies, it also produces many events for auto dealers, entertainment firms and others. EventMakers excels in creating immersive environments in which trade media get a true taste of the gaming experience and can relay it in their printed copy.

“Our forte is taking the press and placing them in immersive environments so they can experience and feel it. They retain it better and write better,” said Genis. “The quality of 3-D renderings we produce sets us apart from others. It’s like you are there.”

A bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis on public relations and formal acting training from the Stella Adler School of Acting in Hollywood helps Genis with his event production.

“Our talents and expertise translate to any industry. We are executive producers and bring all the experts together,” said Genis. “Our designers have degrees in environmental design, and our lighting crew has degrees in production lighting. We are the go-to company when you want the most custom and creative work in the industry.”

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