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To become more efficient and sustainable long before the completion of a planned Global Business District, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board of directors approved upgrades to the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 13.

Proposed Global Business District, LVCC

A conceptual design of the Global Business District, LVCC

Aptly renamed to highlight their focus on expanding the Las Vegas Convention Center over several phases of development, the Global Business District Division, formerly known as the facility’s Operations Division, contracted firms to ready the convention center for its long-term expansion.

Updating an older lighting system at the Convention Center for more than $245,000 is Nedco Supply, a lighting and electrical equipment supplier. Currently, the venue has a lighting system controlled by a bank of 10 to 20 units. With the requests of exhibitors and show organizers in mind, facility officials have approved individualized lighting to accommodate these requests and become more sustainable.

Additionally, Halifax Security will install a new surveillance system at the venue for nearly $170,000. Las Vegas Convention Center currently has eight separate surveillance systems. According to the Global Business District Division, the facility needs one unified central system to position itself for the Global Business District.

In the works since last year, the multi-phase Las Vegas Global Business District project calls for a complete transformation of the Las Vegas Convention Center – all with the goal to keep it competitive with other venues, help Las Vegas remain the No. 1 tradeshow destination and boost tourism. Steps already taken by LVCVA to prepare for the district include contracting various consultants and buying properties to be converted into land. Much of this land is used for parking, such as the facility’s Green Parking Lot, which will also receive nearly $670,000 in improvements.

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