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Winning ways for tradeshow management

In the competitive world of business, tradeshows continue to be one of the primary sales and marketing mediums that harness the value of face-to-face contact. From establishing a presence in new markets to generating sales leads, tradeshows provide great opportunities for engagement and interaction with targeted business prospects. Despite these benefits, tradeshows need to continue to evolve to remain relevant. Service providers such as designers and stand builders today must offer clients the ability to maximize their marketing dollar.

Murex at Sibos, Dubai.
Murex at Sibos, Dubai.

Design leadership often leads the way in differentiating brands at tradeshows, where a strong visual identity is often linked to successful tradeshow participation. Design is driven by content, and developed by conducting extensive research based on the client’s brand identity and marketing objectives. This then serves as the designer’s foundation for producing meaningful designs that could incorporate interactive multimedia elements for increased engagement. For instance, digital content can be programmed to facilitate face-to-face exchanges where a physical product on display is picked up by a visitor, and sensors trigger the playback of an audio commentary or video.

Another critical aspect of tradeshow management is quality assurance. To maintain a leading edge in design, production and service standards, service providers need to invest in human resource and continuous learning. For example, designers should be constantly exposed to international tradeshow environments and even thematic, museum, interior and event projects to broaden their horizons. In addition, quality assurance in the build aspect of tradeshows involves the diligence to conduct regular checks at every stage of production, from selecting quality materials in the pre-planning stage to ensuring that each exhibit component is well crafted before they are delivered to the site.

SeAH at Gastech 2014 Korea
SeAH at Gastech 2014 Korea

Service excellence is the third part of the equation. From offering advice on processes and materials that are locally available, to ensuring consistency in serving a brand across geographical boundaries, meetings via teleconferences and face-to-face sessions can easily be organized to facilitate major international projects. Above all, exceptional service is about going the extra mile for clients. This includes finding ways to overcome challenges on-site and coming up with alternatives for clients if certain last minute changes are not feasible. Such professional standards and quality control could also extend beyond the handover stage, where warehousing and logistical solutions, as well as the maintenance of reusable exhibit components can contribute to greater client satisfaction.

As the industry continues to grow and more organizations recognize face-to-face marketing as an effective business strategy, there will be an increasing demand for creative solutions in building brand awareness, generating business leads, and ultimately, driving sales. Service providers can stay relevant by tailoring their range of integrated services to match the evolving industry by taking a holistic approach to design, maintaining a passion for continual improvement and staying committed to quality.

The contributor is the sales & marketing director of Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd, a leading communication design & production group in Asia Pacific & the Middle East.

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