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A Glimpse at Tradeshow History (April)

Events and interesting facts that have shaped the industry.

Jamestown1907 – Jamestown Exposition marks 300 years of settlement
The Jamestown Ter-Centenial Exposition marked the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown and the Virginia colonies. The celebration was held in Norfolk, Virgina from April 26 – November 30 and was just one in a series of large fairs held across the United States.

These events were designed to showcase international arts and technology and were set to mark historical progress. The Jamestown Exposition highlighted athletics and military prowess. President Roosevelt, Mark Twain and Booker T. Washington were just a few of the people who visited the event. Representatives from more than 20 international nations and a number of foreign naval ships were also in attendance.

1932 – Father of the modern auto show dies
On April 25, 1932, Samuel A. Miles, father of the modern automobile show, died. Three weeks prior to his death, he resigned from managing the Chicago Auto Show, which he was in charge of since 1901.

“There is such a satisfaction seeing your plans work out to a nicety, to hustle like mad for weeks and weeks and in the last few days have so much to do you wonder how you can begin to do half of it and then see everything ready for business at the appointed hour, exhibits all in place, the decorations and staff work all done and even the ones who have been hollering for more space placated,” Miles once said. “Then you look the world in the face and not be ashamed of your handiwork. It’s as the breath of life to me.”

The Chicago Auto Show was held in the Coliseum expo hall from 1901 to 1935. Prices for exhibit space on the main floor started at $1 – $1.50 per square foot. Opening night was always considered an invite only event for the top families in Chicago. General admission for the public was 50 cents per ticket, and attendees could walk along the cars on the first floor.

1967 – Expo 67 in Canada is most successful everExpo 67
The 1967 International and Universal Exposition, or Expo 67, was the world’s fair held in Canada from April 27 – October 29. It’s considered to be the most successful world’s fair, with 50 million attendees and over 60 nations participating.

Originally intended to be held in Moscow, Expo 67 was Canada’s main celebration during its centennial year. Preliminary computer analysis programs determined that the event would not open on time, but Montreal’s mayor and a team of managers pushed it back onto schedule.

Tradeshow history as reported by Exhibit City News

Lynch2003 – Lynch makes offer for Sparks Exhibits
On April 22, 2003, it was announced that Dublin Management Associates (trading as Lynch Exhibits) confirmed its intention to acquire all of Marlton Technologies, parent company of Sparks Exhibits and Environments.

In an all-cash transaction, Lynch offered $.375 per share. Exhibit City News reported that other companies, such as EOS Partners, the parent company of MC2, had also made offers of $.375 per share. Even Redwood Acquisition Corporation offered $.30.

2005 – Schuldenfrei selected as TSEA president
On April 7, 2005, Stephen A. Schuldenfrei was named president of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA). The announcement was made by Sal Cavallaro, TSEA chairman, who said the decision was made at the board of directors meeting.

“I look forward to bringing my 25+ years of industry knowledge and experience to benefit TSEA and its members,” said Schuldenfrei. “I’ve always been a strong advocate for the industry and welcome the opportunity.”

Michael Bandy, who was the current president, stayed on until May 31, 2005.

2010 – Nimlok USA announces expansion of US operationsNimlok
During April 2010, Nimlok announced that it would be expanding its US operations. The company also announced the appointment of Giles Douglas as its CEO.

The expansion of Nimlok resulted in a total capacity of 300,000 square feet and over 200 full-time employees.
The expanded facility featured the First ISO 14001:2004 Green Certification in the tradeshow industry. It also featured multiple capabilities, such as welding, bending and fabrication of aluminum tubes. The facility had 14 dedicated multiple spindle custom sewing stations, 45 standard fabric structures with 180 standard sizes, 12 dedicated sewing and fitting specialists, and much more.

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