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How to attract more visitors to your horticultural exhibition and make it a high-quality event will be a strong message at the new AIPH Expo Conference on March 19 in Paris, France.

Renowned Expo Consultant, Sven Stimac, will present his suggestions on what to do and what not to do when marketing your expo.

According to Sven “Getting visitors to come and then getting them to tell their friends afterward is essential for any expo.” He continued, “You can have the greatest horticultural displays, but unless people come, there is no point.”

Sven Stimac

Sven Stimac

Having worked with expo organizers all over the world, Sven is going to share his experiences to help organizers get it right first time.

“AIPH has been fortunate to have been able to tap into Sven’s wealth of experience as he has been supporting the production of a new guide for exhibition organizers that we will be launching at the conference. Sven’s presentation will take from this and expand with his own suggestions for exhibition organizers. Sven is someone who has been involved with horticultural exhibitions, and he knows what to do to make them work. Anyone with an interest in horticultural exhibitions of any kind will find his knowledge and insight invaluable,” commented Tim Briercliffe, secretary general, AIPH.

Sven is just one of the motivating speakers at the event. Others include:

Bart Dohmen, managing director of BRC Imagination Arts: He will discuss how to identify the right expo theme and how to make it work.

Li Fengli, secretary general of the Qingdao International Horticultural Expo 2014: He will present his recent experience of organizing a spectacular expo.

Vicente Loscertales, secretary general, BIE: He will discuss the BIE Expo Strategy and share his great experience on expos.

Tim Briercliffe, secretary general of AIPH: He will outline the new AIPH Expo Strategy and work underway by AIPH to support expo organizers.

AIPH Expo Conference, to be held at the Marriott Paris – Opera Ambassador Hotel, Paris France, will be an opportunity for organizers of international horticultural exhibitions to glean inspiration and expert advice from expo consultants. The event will also showcase AIPH approved expos coming up over the next decade.

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