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beMatrix Adds Landing Platform to Double Deck Product and New Glass Frame Profile

beMatrix continues to innovate by providing new products and add-ons to existing product lines. One recent update includes a new landing platform for the beMatrix Double Deck. The beMatrix Double Deck allows designers to add an additional floor to their booth designs, creating more space for end users. The Double Deck Landing platform, made from the same sturdy materials as their Double Deck, gives designers the ability to have more useable landing space and design freedom regarding staircase orientation. With its modular design, stairs can now be oriented in several directions without having to replace their existing inventory of stairs.bematrix

Alongside their new landing platform, beMatrix has introduced a new addition to their standard product line: the Glass Frame Profile. beMatrix frames allow various infill types and textile fabrics to be integrated into a design. The new beMatrix Glass Frame Profile expands these capabilities by allowing designers to incorporate different kinds of glass and plexi walls into their booth. From frosted to etched to crystal clear glass, there is no limit to what materials can be used.


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