Bill Kunberger
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Bill Kunberger Is Momentum Midwest AE

Momentum Management is excited to announce the addition of Bill Kunberger as their newest Mid-West Senior Account Executive. Bill joins Momentum Management with extensive industry experience. He graduated with an industrial design degree from Southern Illinois University. He served as an Account Executive at Design South in Atlanta, Georgia; Managing Partner at Creative Ventures; a high school educator; and Project Manager at Summ Design.

Randy Bott, President and CEO of Momentum Management, said, “I’ve known Bill for over two decades and couldn’t be more excited about his arrival at Momentum. We worked together personally, and I can only say he is one of the most talented and experienced individuals we’ve ever hired. Bill will have an immediate positive impact on our customers in the central region.”

Bill Kunberger joins a highly talented, hand-picked group of sales professionals who come with experience in the labor services area of the industry. They were uniquely chosen because of their full understanding of the exhibit house business. “Our entire sales team has exhibit house experience as well as experience on the labor side with Momentum. They know the challenges facing the exhibit house community and how to help them by connecting Momentum’s industry changing approach to labor service,” says Rick Bellerjeau, General Manager at Momentum Management.

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