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Blue Nano Solutions Confidence
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Blue Nano Tests Air Quality in Real Time


Blue Nano Provides Attendees Confidence in their Health & Wellness

Robbie Sawyer Sam Stanton Blue Nano Solutions
(Pictured L-R: Robbie Sawyer and Sam Stanton with Blue Nano Solutions)

As event spaces gear up to host tradeshows and conferences again, they’re taking their cleaning and air filtration protocols to the next level, and even being web-verified by every acronymed authority you can imagine. How do we know that all that promoted effort is really working? Sam Stanton, founder and managing partner of Texas-based Blue Nano Solutions, offers a simple challenge. “Prove it,” he says. “Anyone can get a verification, we provide validation. It’s #ProofNotPromises”

“You see, as a society, everything we do is based on data. However, today most of the world makes health and safety decisions by either a guess or going with their gut. So, you’ll either be lucky, or wrong. Brands say, ‘We cleaned and sanitized everything and replaced all the air filters,’ but most people think, ‘Really, did you, and is it working?’ Blue Nano’s solution takes the guessing out and makes wellness and safety less a game of hope and more a matter of fact.”

Blue Nano operates under the premise that you can’t manage what you aren’t measuring, so their technology offers hospitality, businesses and governments live actionable data about the specific quality of their environments. That’s a boon for companies that want to get their employees, partners and customers back to face-to-face tradeshows safely for merely pennies a person. All this while providing tremendous peace of mind and confidence for attendees and their boardrooms.

Blue Nano’s air quality testing technology is simple. They place air quality monitors in event areas where people gather. The sensors monitor 11 air quality indices including: temperature, chemicals and particulates in the air, carbon dioxide (CO2) and humidity.

In real time, those measurements are sent to their CLAIRITY servers where the data is processed and then broadcast to screens, websites and mobile devices that show event attendees the space’s air quality levels. This live display demonstrates the event and brand’s focus on people’s health and safety.

CLAIRITY also sends actionable information to the building’s engineering department so they can proactively maintain the most optimum conditions possible.

Live air quality information goes a long way toward keeping people safe from COVID and other airborne viruses. If humidity is too low, viruses can thrive. Unseen nanoscopic particulate matter can transport viruses and contaminants that easily embed in the lungs and even your bloodstream if not removed. High levels of C02 indicate air is stagnant and is not being moved, filtered or refreshed.

As Stanton, a 30-year veteran of the event world explains, “People go to tradeshows and conferences to interact, learn new things, and be with others in their industry. Poor air quality affects all of that. Imagine a group of people entering a room for an education session or meeting. When they enter, the CO2 levels are optimum, but quickly degrade as all of those people begin to exhale into an enclosed space. As CO2 levels rise you get sleepy, get headaches and lose focus—not a state tradeshow experts designed or desired.”

So, if you now know conditions are not optimum, what can you do?

Blue Nano Solutions“You open the doors, you turn on air exchangers, you refresh the air!” says Stanton. That causes the CO2, particulate matter and VOC levels to drop immediately so that event participants perk up, thanks to the building’s engineers making a few guided adjustments to the existing systems. It’s really simple, but before Blue Nano it was just a hope or a guess.

“People today are more aware of their surroundings yet more uncertain,” Stanton says. “You go to an event and you don’t know if you should be wearing a mask or not; is it okay to shake hands or do you bump elbows; should you touch the elevator button? When you’re focused on your well-being, you’re not getting the most from the experience. But when [show attendees] see one of our CLAIRITY screens, they know tradeshow organizers are focused on their health. And that confidence allows them to focus on the moment and get engaged in the experience.”

Blue Nano recently showcased their technology at MPI WEC at CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas and received a tremendous response. “We set up a fun, engaging learning space with huge displays, live monitoring, wellness tips and techy, nerdy whizbang that pulled people in with questions and maybe some hope of direction,” Stanton says. And he had answers.

Blue Nano WEC displayAt WEC, Blue Nano worked hand in hand with MPI and CAESARS FORUM and continuously monitored and then adjusted temperature and humidity levels as well as room ventilation and exchange. Not only did they get to show off their state-of-the-art technology, they had a very real impact on the success of the event. “We were there to educate and inform people and give them a behind-the-scenes view of the way a venue operates and how an event can deliver the highest duty of care possible.” When asked if it worked, Stanton shares that “69 percent of on-site attendees first checked the live CLAIRITY readings on the registration website before deciding to attend in person rather than online! Again, that’s not a guess but fact—real data.”

All of this talk about optimum conditions begs the question: Who decides what optimum is? “The EPA,” says Stanton. “The CDC, WHO, NASA—I mean who better than NASA to decide what the optimum conditions are to support life? Then we take all the experts’ guidance and set parameters in our platform to give our partners guidance and confidence.”

What’s next for Blue Nano Solutions? In addition to testing surface cleanliness and air quality, their solution and ethos has endless opportunities from operational efficiencies, carbon footprint and sustainability validation, to general wellness enhancement that actively affects daily lives.
“Data gives you power,” says Stanton. “It’s proof—not a guess—that will enable better decisions, more efficient operations, budget savings and a new level of indisputable confidence!”

This story originally appeared in the Sept./Oct. 2021 issue of Exhibit City News, p. 38. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecn_sept-oct_2021


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