July 23, 2024 8:30 AM
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Bone marrow transplant scheduled for Tim Provo



Tim Provo

Tim Provo was diagnosed with leukemia and the entire industry has been very supportive. The Las Vegas Chapter of the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) sponsored a blood drive in his honor Nov. 16-19. More than 80 units of blood were collected in his name making it an incredibly successful, touching and valuable event.

Provo has been receiving chemotherapy once a month and was very excited when he received the last treatment. Tests continue to show that the treatments are working. Blood counts from late January show that he has rebounded from this last treatment, which leaves him exactly where doctors wanted him to be for his bone marrow transplant (BMT).

So far, the only stumbling block he has encountered are a couple of small blood clots in one leg. He is being treated with a few different methods to eliminate the clots, and they seem to be working. Doctors are optimistic that these will go away and not cause him any further problems.

Provo made the difficult decision to have the BMT performed in Chicago and left for the Windy City on Jan. 31. As an outpatient, he will have seven to 10 days of tests to prepare him for the transplant. He will then check into the hospital sometime after the first week of February and doctors will give him a high dose of chemotherapy to kill his entire immune system before introducing the new, healthy bone marrow, which is being donated by his brother Dwayne.

Doctors anticipate Tim Provo will be in the hospital until around the first week of March. Once discharged, he will stay in an apartment in Chicago close to the hospital for two to three months before returning home to Las Vegas.

Provo can receive gifts and cards while he is in the hospital but flowers, plants, balloons and fresh foods are restricted due to sterile environments. He plans to keep in touch via e-mail, voicemail and text messages, even though he may not be able to respond right away. He appreciates and welcomes all of your well wishes.

Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where Provo will receive his treatment, has an e-card program, which can be reached by visiting the Web site at www.nmh.org/nm/hospital+guide+visitors+greeting+cards. After mid February, packages and letters can be sent to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Transplant Center, 15th Floor; Attention Tim Provo, patient; 250 E. Superior St., Chicago, IL 60611. Calls can be made to (312) 926-2000.

Updates on his condition will follow in future issues of Exhibit City News. Any questions can be directed to Alicia at Elements Exhibits at (702) 651-9611.


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