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Brian Baker Assumes Vice President Role at Highmark TechSystems

Brian BakerHighmark TechSystems is delighted to announce that Brian Baker has joined the company as vice president. Since 1999, Brian has been creative director at MC2 in Atlanta and has become an expert in the use of Highmark’s modular exhibit products for trade shows, events, and environments.

For Brian, this is a homecoming of sorts. In 1994, he was hired by then Highmark CEO Mick Parrott to be a designer at one of Parrott’s early ventures, ICON Exhibits. Mick’s daughter Debbie Parrott took on the leadership of Highmark in 2014 after serving in business development and marketing roles outside and inside the industry for 20 years, and working at ICON herself. “I have kept in touch with Mick and Debbie over the years,” says Brian. “Mick has played a very important role in my career and Debbie has a vision for Highmark that is exciting and that I can positively impact. I have great respect for Highmark’s roots and its culture of innovation, and I am thrilled to be a part of its future.”

Atlanta-based Baker will be an integral part of Highmark’s leadership team, driving strategy, product development, marketing, and new business development as well as working with Highmark’s customers. “Brian’s design acumen and perspective will bring a new dimension to the services we offer to our clients,” said Highmark President Debbie Parrott. “As we develop new products at Highmark, Brian’s intelligence and vast knowledge of both engineering and creating exhibits using extruded aluminum systems will be a key factor in introducing new design options to our expanding customer base. Brian is an incredibly dynamic, highly experienced individual with capabilities that complement and bolster Highmark’s diverse team. We are so pleased to have him on board.”

Brian holds a BA from Purdue University in Industrial Design. He is also on Exhibitor’s CTSM faculty, teaching a course entitled “Graphics Bootcamp.” He lives in Atlanta with his wife and five children. He is a veteran soccer coach.

Highmark TechSystems is a leading supplier and developer of advanced modular exhibit systems architecture for exhibit designers and producers. Known for design versatility, weight and installation efficiencies and ease-of-use, Highmark TechSystems’ proprietary products represent three categories: ExpoDecks, cost-effective and elegant multi-level modular architecture; ExpoWalls, highly modular frame systems; Elements, custom solutions and accessories.  Highmark TechSystems manufactures and assembles its complete line in its Fort Wayne, Indiana plant, strategically located in the Midwest to extend logistic and economic advantages to customers, saving them time and money when shipping throughout the United States. All Highmark products have a lifetime warranty and meet or exceed all industry standard codes and requirements. www.highmarktech.com

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