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A Different Approach to Partnerships

Momentum Management crafts a customer-committed culture Since it was founded in February 1991, Momentum Management’s slogan “Let’s Build Something Great Together” has become the guiding principle for which the nationally recognized labor management company lives by....

Eagle Management Group Soars to the Top

It all began in the summer of 1987. You’ve heard the story so many times…the one about the successful company that started in the (insert your room of choice). Garage? Basement? Kitchen? This one happens to be the basement. It also includes four guys in their mid-20s...


Protecting people and business In the tradeshow business, anything can go wrong, but the best businesses have the right processes and people to prevent problems and  a plan in place to deal with them when they arise, quickly and efficiently. This includes safety....

Quality of Life

Who is attracted to the tradeshow labor? The tradeshow installation and dismantle industry attracts all types of people, and there’s no typical crew member. However, we explored both the good and bad aspects that contribute to the quality of life associated with...
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