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Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), a research agency for the exhibition industry, released a new report, “Exhibitor Ancillary On-site Marketing Practices.”

Documenting the most common on-site marketing activities exhibitors engage in while on-premise at an exhibition, the report also identifies how effective users find each activity to be in supporting objectives for exhibiting.

“This report reveals that most exhibitors are engaging in at least one marketing activity beyond activities in their booths. Results offer useful benchmarking statistics for exhibitors and great insights for organizers to consider when crafting onsite exhibitor marketing program opportunities. Effectiveness ratings offer great statistics to use in selling the value of such exhibition-sponsored activities,” said Nancy Drapeau, PRC, research director, CEIR.

Top line findings of note:

  • The top five most common on-site marketing activities engaged in by exhibitors include exhibition program advertising; speaking at educational seminars/workshops; and sponsoring an exhibition giveaway. Each is used by more than seven out of 10 exhibiting companies.
  • In terms of how effective each method is in supporting an exhibiting company’s overall objectives for exhibiting, activities that give an exhibiting company singular attention achieve higher effectiveness scores, with speaking at an educational seminar/workshop (86 percent) ranked at the top.

This report includes top line results as well as insights on differences by industry sector, company size and frequency of exhibiting.

To obtain the full report, go to http://www.ceir.org/store_products.view.php?id=2554.

A sampling from The International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing database and Exhibitrac’s Top 250 trade exhibition list were invited to participate in the online survey in June 2012. A total of 502 exhibitors responded.

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