July 23, 2024 8:19 AM
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ChargerGoGo; photo courtesy of ChargerGoGo
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ChargerGoGo Powers Up at EDC Orlando

ChargerGoGo, the world’s leading network of on-demand phone charging systems, powered up thousands of attendees for the first time at EDC Orlando in November with its portable battery kiosks. The company installed 95 kiosks housing a total of 2,000 portable batteries at the popular festival, providing a convenient way for attendees to keep their phone batteries charged while they enjoyed the event’s high-energy ambience.

With its colorful, light-up battery pack feature activated, the modern kiosk design blended in perfectly with the festival’s lively atmosphere. In addition, attendees welcomed the concept of renting the portable batteries and turning them back in when they were finished using them. This option provides a more environmentally sound and convenient option than having to purchase a portable charger and carry it around constantly.

Emerging as an essential amenity at a fast-growing number of commercial venues and events, ChargerGoGo’s kiosks have recently been installed permanently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MGM Grand Garden Arena, AREA15, McDonald’s, The Exchange (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) among hundreds of others. After establishing itself across Asia, where it deployed more than 1 million charging kiosks and attracted more than 360 million users and 20,000 distributors, ChargerGoGo is poised to become the largest shared power bank network in the United States.

Unlike static charging stations, ChargerGoGo allows customers to pick up a portable battery, charge their phones and then return the battery to any nearby ChargerGoGo kiosk, a first-of-its-kind service to debut at this scale. Ideal for installation at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, stadiums, convention centers, hotels, hospitals and retail centers, ChargerGoGo allows users to charge their phones on the go, without wasting time or missing important notifications.

Smartphones are now considered essential to daily life, but battery life has not kept pace with user consumption. In fact, 80 percent of all phones experience a low battery charge at least once a week while users are away from home, and nine out of 10 people experience “panic mode” when their phone battery goes below 20 percent. This occurrence can result in them leaving the business early, causing potential decreases in revenue. Offering a convenient mobile charging station enables venues to retain these customers and increase sales.

In addition to its portable batteries, other features unique to ChargerGoGo include the kiosks’ customizable LED screens that can display the host’s promotional messages and a compact, modern design with custom wrapping options so the host venue can brand them with their logos or other imagery. Another innovative feature distinguishing ChargerGoGo from its competitors: venues that install the kiosks on their premises can earn passive income through the company’s revenue-sharing model.

June Zhu; photo via LinkedIn
June Zhu; photo via LinkedIn

“Our mission is to improve people’s lives by saving them from constantly dying phones, while helping host venues boost sales, grow revenue and elevate their customer experience,” said June Zhu, founder, ChargerGoGo. “Our vision is to bring ChargerGoGo charging stations to every commercial facility, festival and event with foot traffic nationwide.”

For more info, visit www.ChargerGoGo.com.

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