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Circle TPR is All About The Guest Experience

(Pictured above: Rock in Rio)

Corporate Profile: From Interactive to B2B to Hospitality & Live Entertainment

by Amadeus Finlay

From the heart stopping thrill of a rodeo to that once-in-a-lifetime concert on the Las Vegas Strip, Circle TPR has designed and delivered experience-driven events that leave an indelible impact on audiences.

Circle TPR is a premier guest experience agency that spans the width and breadth of the event space, enjoying a nationaShawn Garrityl presence in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A., Minneapolis, New York and Orlando. The firm was founded by thought leaders from the B2B, hospitality, entertainment and technology industries, and together they developed an approach to event management that would prove successful both at home and across the globe.

At the heart of that nexus is Circle TPR CEO Shawn Garrity (pictured right).

“Circle TPR was formed in 2013 recognizing the opportunity to create a full-service production agency focused on providing dynamic B2B solutions to world-class brands both large and small,” explains Garrity. “Our team approach delivers truly unique and holistic guest experiences.”

Circle’s product offerings break down into four broad areas: B2B, interactive technologies, live entertainment and hospitality. Within tCircle TPR AcelRXhose buckets, the opportunities are (almost) endless. Circle’s appreciation of the entire marketing spectrum means clients are offered digital as well as structural brand work, allowing for seamless communication across each touch point. What does that mean in real world terms (rodeos and concerts aside)? It means custom tradeshow exhibits, branded conference spaces, 3D mapping and all manner of tenting. It also means fireworks, monster trucks and rock stars.

“Circle TPR has extensive experience designing and producing a wide array of guest experiences,” says Garrity, in what quite possibly could be the biggest understatement around.

Circle is driven by inspired creative and has delineated a seven-step approach to experiential marketing. Step one, define a strategy based on a brand’s landscape, products and services. Circle TPR ARM

Step two, communicate an engaging creative experience that drives brand performance. Then, through a combination of production, management and marketing strategy, the Circle team pushes messages to audiences, wherever they may be. But there’s more. In addition, the Las Vegas headquarters employs a five-step approach to customer engagement: pre-event (emails, micro-sites etc.), arrival (airport marketing, room drops etc.), on-site (giveaways, event experience, etc.), events (networking, receptions, etc.) and post event (surveys, premiums, etc.)

The Circle team enjoys what they do, A quick glance at the firm’s social media accounts presents a company culture rooted in creativity and driven by teamwork and social occasions. Happy team means happy clients, and it is a tried and tested combination.
Circle TPR AdobeConsider just a snapshot of their client base: Adobe, Rock in Rio, MGM, Live Nation and IHeart Media. And that’s without mentioning PBR, Fiat and Coke.

“We are very proud of the opportunities we have had to work with our clients,” admits Garrity. “One of our more memorable achievements was working closely with MGM Entertainment to assist in the creation and launch of their outdoor MGM Festival Village and MGM Festival Grounds venues.”

“Several world-class festival events have been hosted at these venues including Rock in Rio, iHeart Radio, the ACMs and Route 91 to name a fCircle TPR Southern Telecomew.”

Whatever their nature, all these experiences can be traced back to Circle’s breadth of client offerings and opportunities. And it is truly staggering. Virtual reality, broadcast, bar interiors, mobile experiences. It’s a true soup to nuts job.

But when asked how Circle manages to cover all these bases at the level they do, Garrity responds simply: “the answer is: very selectively.”

Such a modesCircle TPR Loserst answer is certainly intriguing, given the size and scope of the company in question. Then again, a quick look at the firm’s motto and brand statement reflects this attitude as the very essence of the company: “We are Circle. Talent. Production. Reach.”

Equally as uncompromising is the leading statement in all the company’s public correspondence: “We fulfill brand strategies in both physical and digital spaces from inception to launch…we dream it, create it, do it!”

We dream it, create it, do it: Genius really can be that simple.

Circle TPR is a leading guest experience agency comprised of thought leaders in B2B, hospitality, interactive technologies, live entertainment and publishing with offices in key markets across the U.S. Circle TPR’s client list includes a who’s who of top tier brands seeking a new paradigm to connect with their target audience. They state, “We fulfill brand strategies in both physical and digital spaces from inception to launch…we dream it, create it, do it! Our portfolio encompasses worldwide reach with a team that has delivered truly unique integrated programs, environments and activations in entertainment arenas, festival grounds, convention centers, hospitality spaces and across all media channels.” For more info, visit www.circletpr.com.

This story originally appeared in the March/April issue of Exhibit City News, p. 62. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/exhibitcitynews_marapr_digital_2020

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