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DoubleDutch app feature to increase survey response rates

DoubleDutch, the leading provider of mobile event applications, released its latest feature, the ‘Session Surveys Card,’ to increase survey response and completion rates at live events. With this personalized feature, attendees can provide event organizers with timely, relevant feedback to help improve the event experience.

ECN 032015_NTL_DoubleDutch Session Surveys CardAccording to data from Meeting Professional International, using an event app to survey attendees can increase response rates by up to 103 percent.

“Attendee feedback is a crucial component of event success and has traditionally been one of the most difficult things to capture in an accurate, representative way,” said Lucian Beebe, vice president of product, DoubleDutch. “Paper surveys are cumbersome and email surveys often arrive days after the event when the experience is no longer top of mind. The Session Surveys Card facilitates feedback in real-time with ease and efficiency to increase the number of surveys completed significantly.”

After beta testing this feature with over 50 events, the results indicate that Session Survey Cards increase survey completion rates by an average of 166 percent. This is in addition to the already marked improvement in survey response rates when events have transitioned from email to mobile.

Survey response and completion rates have been a sticking point for event organizers for decades, with both the paper-and-pen as well as the email survey providing incomplete or even inaccurate feedback for organizers hoping to better understand and improve the event experience. With the Session Surveys Card, organizers can receive more representative feedback from a larger sample size while making responding to surveys easier and more convenient for their attendees.


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