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EACA and TSEA merge into the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association

The tradeshow industry association that was formerly a combination of the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA) and the Trade Show Exhibitor’s Association (TSEA) announced that the association has selected the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA) as the organization’s new name.

The new association is comprised of more than 500 member companies, representing more than 17,500 full-time tradeshow professionals and more than 45,000 part-time tradeshow workers.

“After an extensive outreach program to directors on both the EACA and TSEA boards, as well as both sets of members from their legacy organizations, it was clear that the best name for our newly combined association is Exhibit & Event Marketers,” said Jim Wurm, executive director of the E2MA. “By having both exhibitors and their contractors under the same organization, we will work together to better serve the industry and to advocate for the issues members most need.”

The published mission of the newly formed E2MA is to enhance the expertise of exhibit and event planner professionals in exhibit and event marketing, and to raise the level of service excellence on the show floor.

“Although our past organization’s names have changed, our values will not,” said Wurm. “Our members’ priorities will always be those of the new association.”

Exhibit City News initially reported on the uncertain future of the TSEA on February 24, 2012. Later that day, the TSEA Board issued the following statement:

“Board discussions are underway as to the future of TSEA. We are considering a change in management and membership structure to provide long-term viability to the Association. We are sure rumors may abound, but there are no truths to what you are hearing, and until the Board issues its official statement, we have nothing more to add.”

The formation of E2MA came about as the result of a decision by the TSEA board to dissolve the association and charter a new course in management and membership structure by transferring its members, its intellectual assets and its administrative management, to the EACA.

As part of the transfer, the EACA acquired all TSEA members and their membership data, as well as all branding, financial records, education initiatives and marketing assets.

“The establishment of a new name for the association is another in a list of many transitional items the association has been undertaking in the past several weeks and months,” said Wurm. “Now that we have announced our new name, we can be about the business of renewing and revitalizing the member programs that have been previously enjoyed by both TSEA and EACA members, including the CME and CME/H program that is of great interest to so many of our legacy TSEA members.”

Through the Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME) program, exhibit managers earn certification into an elite group of industry professionals. Based on real, on-the-job experience, the CME certification helps lend credibility to the tradeshow industry.

The release of the new name for the combined association comes just weeks before the 2012 Red Diamond Congress, which will be the inaugural meeting for the E2MA. It will take place July 10-12 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill.

“The timing of this announcement enables us to complete our plans for the 2012 Red Diamond Congress,” said Wurm. “We will plan to unveil the new logo and brand for the association at the Red Diamond Congress as well as a coordinated re-branding of the association Web site and other association identification.”

The Red Diamond Congress will be co-located with the E2MA’s hosted buyer event called Face-to-Face Connections.

E2MA is headquartered in Bend, Ore.

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