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EDPA Midwest to host session to boost sales

Hosting its next event at The Itasca Country Club in Illinois on May 7, EDPA Midwest will talk about “The Trifecta AE: How to Harness the Power in Each Phase,” to be presented by Gail Behun, vice president of sales at MG Design and principal of the Into the Ocean Consulting, a sales leadership firm.

We all know the traditional triangle boasting “good-fast-cheap”; you only ever get two out of three. Well, as selling has evolved to be more complicated, we see Account Executives splitting a similar triangle. Selling now falls into three distinct phases;

  • NBD hunting
  • Gathering; taking an RFP and managing the many complexities of running the team, bonding with the client and the magic moment of pitching the solution
  • Tribal leadership, aka farming

During this session, we’ll discuss how to identify the key skill sets among your account teams.

We will discuss models to train, empower and compensate leaders in each category, enabling you to win and grow business by exploiting your team strength – and strengthening their weaknesses.

Gail Behun, vice president of sales, MG Design
Gail Behun, vice president of sales, MG Design

About Gail Behun:
Gail Behun is the Principal of the sales leadership firm Into the Ocean Consulting. Into the Ocean’s goal is to provide strategic sales leadership that dives below the surface to spur business growth by aligning all resources behind sales goals.

Over her 20 year career, Gail has specialized in working with companies to bring their brand to life through experiential vehicles. Specializing in live events, business meetings and trade shows within the B2B market, Gail believes in the power of human connections. In addition to her client work, Gail coaches sales people on new business development strategies and presentation skills. She believes disruptive selling is critical to success.

Gail started her career as a theatrical set designer which built in her a foundation for storytelling. She moved into a long and successful run as an account executive within the world of trade shows. In sales, Gail excelled at strategically positioning her clients for success. Her diverse client base, including medical, high technology and finance businesses praised her attention to detail and proactive leadership.

As VP of Sales at MG Design and InVision Communications, Gail built a successful sales team focused on new business development and account penetration. Her collaborative style of management and mentoring helped build the confidence of her team, resulting on record breaking revenue growth.

To register, visit https://s08.123signup.com/servlet/SignUp?P=15207321911429287800&PG=1520732182300
Advanced Registration: $60

For more information, contact Cathy Kolf at 708-421-7472 or ckolf@dslgroup.com


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